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How to make videos to promote business

The traditional marketing methods have become so predictable that people are losing interest from them. It no longer gives you a platform to add a wow factor to your business. Video marketing has almost taken over the traditional marketing methods and most of the business persons are now dependent on video marketing to market their products and services. Videos are very effective way of marketing as it provides the viewer with an audio visual experience and the audience takes enough time to trash the visual from its mind so soon. With the appearance of YouTube, it has been pretty easy for the business persons to create videos to promote their businesses. The features available in YouTube allow you to add annotations and advertisements to your videos, which can provide extra information on your business.

Let us follow few tips to create effective videos for the promotion of your business.

Choosing the Right Person

Try and choose a right person to face the camera while making a video to promote your business. The person needs to be comfortable in front of the camera while shooting the video. You may speak to your employees or friends who can represent a perfect example of a cheerleader to your company. A perfect video will be able to attract more numbers of viewers and as a result it will increase the popularity of your business.

Introducing to Customers

You should concentrate on depicting the required information in the video. You need not create a long video with all the information about and business. You need to see from the customer’s perspective about their requirements and provide what you offer and how good your product or service is. You can introduce yourself in short then you need to talk on your best services and products. The information provided in the video should not look plastic and rehearsed; instead it should be lively and communicative.

Using Graphics

You may add graphics from your company websites to make the video more interactive and interesting. The graphics or images of your products can enhance the quality of your videos and make it more effective.

Representing Varieties

If you offer varieties of products, you need to advertise them in your video so that customers will be aware of the products and go for it. Make the video attractive enough to draw the attention of your customers and to persuade them to buy your products and services. As you have about 10 seconds to utilize and grab audience attention, you need to adjust your overall content in two minutes to make an impact.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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