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How to begin your Online Advertising strategy

How to begin your Online Advertising strategy

Online advertising has gained cult importance in today’s fast growing technology driven world. Owing to the huge popularity of the Internet, which can be easily estimated by the size of the  2.4 Billion users that employ the internet services, it is critical for a company to know the basic essentials of internet based marketing in order to survive in the increasingly competitive business world. Online advertising can be categorized into certain basic steps, based on which you can build your online marketing campaign.

1.      Outline your Marketing goal

Even though this sounds simple, you need to achieve this basic step to go ahead with the online advertising campaign. What is the aim of your online advertising campaign? Is it to generate brand awareness or reach out to maximum number of targets as possible? Based on this, you can chalk up your online marketing campaign.

2.      Identify the Target audience

As stated above, the web has billions of users. Who will you target? It’s essential to be focused and specific in terms of identifying the target. Thus, this can be achieved by first knowing the target audience. For example, a high end Laptop manufacturer will target technically sophisticated audience which is willing to buy such laptops. Branded clothing companies generally look out for young and mature adults who have just entered their maturity phase in order to make their advertising tactic effective. Thus, identifying the target audience is crucial in online advertising.

3.      The approach

Even in online advertising, various ways of reaching the target audience exist. You may do so by using Social Media. This can be done with the help of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc. Social Media carries a powerful importance in terms of online marketing as it carries a strong appeal amongst the internet users. These social media websites are a low cost option for producing highly effective marketing campaigns.

Next option is to use Email newsletters. Though not many Email marketing campaigns are being designed today, it still remains a potent online advertising medium if employed correctly. If used with the correct approach, by devising a proper headline and taking into account the mentality of the audience, it can still prove to be a highly effective medium of marketing.

It is important to draw up your budget and take into account the target market that you have in your mind in order to determine what tactic you will employ at each of the above stated phases.


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