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How students can (and should) make the most out of the career center

Colleges and universities often note that students do not appear in the center until their final year. This can be a very huge mistake. Career centers offer an ample amount of help and services that students can benefit from. The sooner they visit, the better it is – a career center can play a role in shaping their future.

Aptitude tests

mutiple choice SAT

Amongst the several services at the career center, the aptitude test is one that comes in quite handy. Many students do not know which way to go after college. These tests determine the aptitude of the students and suggest a career path accordingly.

A student’s academic capabilities and personality traits are analyzed and the areas of interest are considered. It is advisable to scan the college website and approach the career center to take the tests. Majority of the schools arrange for a parley with a counselor and the student is advised as per the test results.

Help with resume

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Students should not expect advisers at the careers center to write their Resume. Instead, they can look forward for getting their Resumes polished and more appealing to potential employers. The counselors at the career center are quite experienced ones (often), a student can rely on their advice.

Mock interviews

Business coaching

Sometimes, even the most confident students get nervous in an interview. All career-focused students want to land in the right place from the very beginning of their career. Career centers help prepare students for the interview via mock sessions. The feedback given to the students is a major help as they come to know about their shortcomings. They get a hang of it and gain confidence for the main event.

Alumni angels          

The deal

They offer genuine advice free for the benefit of the students. Career centers facilitate sessions with alumni or an alumnus, where the students can clear their doubts and sought advice. They are proud to visit their campus and render help to students. Many times, they also arrange interviews and pick employees for their companies.

Do take the time to register with the career center in your campus. Remember to key in correct and appropriate information as that will pass on to your potential employer.


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