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How social media can be a powerhouse for job seekers

Job searching

By now, you must have used social networking sites to document your adventure trips, to upload pictures of your new assets, or simply to check out pictures of your crush. Besides being a way of entertaining its users, social networking sites have something very important to offer its users.

They offer job opportunities to users who are job seekers as well, provided they know how to use social media for the same. You need to build an effective and impressive online presence, here is how:

Creating relevant profile is important

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You can use your LinkedIn account as a platform to present your worth to online employers. You must create a relevant profile including your job experience, job history, and do mention the long number of years you served a company. This information puts your caliber and worth across to the employers, and accordingly they can offer you a job that you well deserve. Besides LinkedIn, you can use your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profile for the same.

Projecting professional image is the key

Adding your professional status to your social media bio gives online recruiters a sneak peek of your professional caliber. Based on it, the recruiters can shortlist you for a big interview. Start with small things, such as posting your picture against plain background, and not the one with your friends or pets. Pay attention to your writing skills, as in it should be free of grammatical errors, and more.

Portray your true self in social media bio

Some people seek pleasure out of exaggeration, as in telling things about oneself that are not the least true of them. If you over exaggerate your qualifications and achievements on your LinkedIn profile or any other social networking site you use for attracting online jobs, you will be in trouble. Therefore, make it a point you always say things that are true about you.

Show your interests and creativity

Online recruiters often find online résumé of people who mention their interests and creativity. Again, you must remember you do not write anything superficial but the true interests and creative aspects of your personality. Thinking out of the box is bliss nowadays, so if you are blessed with any such creative skills and interests, just flaunt it.

Social media besides entertaining its users and connecting them with their loved ones and friends gives them job opportunities. Your social networking can help you switch a job and get a better one, or to step up the ladder.

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