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How small businesses can utilize SEO, social media and content marketing all at once

Online marketing is unavoidable for small businesses today, as the age of technology and communication has made visibility without it nearly impossible. But small business owners needn’t be overwhelmed by big words like content marketing, social media and SEO. In fact, with a little education, dedication and perseverance, smaller businesses can use these tactics pretty well to attract new customers.

1. Search engine optimized high value content

High value content can only be created by weaving in search engine optimized content. However, to realize their content related goals, small businesses don’t actually need to hire expensive writers to create such content. As long as the content they develop is original and they know how to use keywords in titles etc., developing optimized content won’t be an issue.

2. Relevant and fresh topics and keywords

Keyword research has become something of a dirty word these days and business owners that don’t have a lot of experience in developing optimized content often don’t even make an effort to include keywords in their online marketing strategies. However, for a small business looking to get noticed needs to use keywords that are relevant to their website and channels to create fresh and original content that web bots are attracted to.

3. Protect your brand

The brand name of your company, the lettering on your logo and your company’s slogan are keywords that you own. If someone else is using them for their own site, it directly cuts into the links that redirect to your site and channels. Sites like Knowem help you check if someone else is using your brand name or not.

4. Key social media marketing/SEO/content marketing channels to use

If you aren’t already aware of this fact, you need to know that no SEO/social media/content marketing strategy would be complete with the use of a single avenue. These days, you need to run, SEO ptimize and maintain a number of channels to use the potential of the internet to the fullest. Essentials in this regard include a dedicated company blog, periodic email marketing and newsletters at customer specified intervals, article contribution to other sites, media coverage, and participation in high ranked industry specific social forums, social media pages, a mobile/tablet app, mobile optimized company website and a video channel. Of course, all the content that you post on all these channels need to be optimized for the mobile platform as well as local searches.


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