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How online marketing needs to be integrated with PPC

Every marketer has his own set of go-to tools that they use for optimizing a company’s online marketing and advertising projects. Such tactics may work for a majority of the companies but they also don’t return optimum results for every company. PPC is one such tactic that many online marketers employ as a standalone method though what they don’t realize is that PPC alone cannot reap optimum benefits for every kind of business. Here are a few reasons why PPC needs to be used within an online marketing venture that also uses other tool.

PPC optimized for mobile

Optimizing for mobile ha becomes one of the prerequisites for new business websites these days. If PPC is one of the online marketing methods that you are employing, you would need to integrate it within your mobile optimized website to suit mobile platforms too. Instead of sending customers to another webpage when they click on a PPC link, it would be better if your PPC link retuned a pop-up that contained a choice for them to receive the information they seek as a package via email or a click to call option.

PPC within promotional emails

Promotional emails are proving to be much more effective in capturing sales after social media ads. To make PPC work for you through emails, you need to offer customers the option to register on your site. You also need to provide them with options on how frequently they’d like to receive emails from your about sales and discounts and what specific products they would like to be notified about. This would improve the conversion rate of your PPC in a major way.

PPC used with images, videos and ads

Banner ads can be used very effectively with PPC since a customer hovering over a picture saying “click here” is a lot more influential than a hyperlinked word within text. Here, the key would be to make the print ad as condensed with info and as attractive as you can. You can also integrate PPC within videos or within their titles to help customers know that they have come to your landing page because they clicked on a link of their choice and that they weren’t coaxed into doing so otherwise.

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