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How Disruptive Is Blockchain Technology?

It is still early days for the blockchain technology. Currently, the majority of its existence has focused purely around the cryptocurrency community, but its potential is yet to fully be explored elsewhere. When we look to the future, many people believe that blockchain is firmly into it. 


Profoundly, it could be used to improve how labor markets work, empower small businesses or individuals, increase transparency, and much more. Overall, it is set to solve some of today’s biggest business challenges.

For a start, if we look at record keeping, it hasn’t really changed for many years, since the development of professional accountants. Today, people are still used to keep records, enforce contracts, and validate transactions, all things that is within the power of blockchain to achieve.

Not only it will reduce the manpower needed for these tasks greatly, but it will also reduce paperwork and prevent any possible fraud or corruption. This is due to the fact that a blockchain is essentially one big incorruptible ledger, and it could very well be reshaping how organizations are run.

The blockchain gets rid of any need for middlemen, therefore the records can’t be corrupted or forged in any way, which makes it one of the most promising technological innovations for many years. Different industries will have different benefits by implementing it into their business process.

For example, mentions the banking sector, and how it is applying blockchain tech to lower costs, improve security, and be more effective in keeping records.

If you take a look at the voting process, it can be used to stop the middlemen tampering with the results, and people will have the ability to cast a vote online instead of having to be physically present at voting sites.

There are a huge range of industries that blockchain has the potential to disrupt, with more being found on a regular basis. Only time will tell just how disruptive this new technology will be in the future.

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