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Here’s why Starting a New Job is Like Starting to Date Someone

Starting a new job is akin to dating a new person in more ways than one. You feel an equal sense of euphoria as well as extreme nervousness at the same time for both cases. Chances are your emotions may also go into overdrive on being overwhelmed in the process.

While starting a new job and dating a new person are two different situations altogether, they share some very common signs, including the ones mentioned here.

  • Technology is no Longer Only a Blessing

Face it! Your date as well as your boss have access to your cell phone number. This means they can call you whenever you want and you need to pick up no matter what! Now imagine one of those really bad days where you just want to crawl back into bed. The sharp ringing of the cell phone will make you realize how technology has actually become more of a curse than a boon.

  • Choosing an Outfit Actually Becomes a Process

You wear to impress. And if the occasion happens to be your first date or your first boardroom meeting, there is no doubt that you will take your time to go through every single item in your wardrobe before choosing the right outfit. This can easily translate to plenty of lost hours and a huge mess in your bedroom by the time you are finished.

  • Your Emotions Threaten to Cause Trouble

You may look all calm and composed on the outside. But with a first date and a first job, you will always have those tiny little butterflies fluttering in your tummy. These feelings will only intensify if you are posed with a stressful situation like handling a particularly tough assignment at work, or asked about your previous relationships by your new date.

  • You Start to Overthink

You want to make a good impression that lasts. You need to let your new date or your new boss know how much you are looking forward to an association with them. Sometimes, this makes you overthink quite a lot. Did you wear the right dress for the date? Did you note down all the details of the project properly? Did you make a good first impression? The excitement of a new job is just like a new date where you simply can’t think rationally, at least for a few days.

Coping with the Excitement and Nervousness: Tips you Can Follow

Here are some tips you can follow to keep all that excitement and nervousness down when stepping into your new role in office.

  • Give Yourself a Break

No one expects you to be a know-it-all from day one. There is no need to know everything about the job let alone every one you will be working with on the first day itself. Relax with ignorance and ask questions about things you do not know without worrying about being ridiculed. You are after all a normal human being.

  • Don’t be Hasty in Making Suggestions

Being too proactive and trying to force in your suggestions on an established group on the first day itself will definitely not go down well with everyone. Over eagerness to shine can sometimes backfire, so maintain your guard and try to make a good impression about yourself by staying silent until asked for a suggestion.

  • Learn Something New

The first day on the job is when you need to decide to learn something new. No we are not talking about professional skills, but something on more personal lines (for instance, playing a guitar, learning Photoshp, etc.). Not only will this enable you to relax better during the initial days of working 9 hour shifts, it will also help you mingle better with colleagues during breaks or office outings.

  • Learn About the Company and its People

While you may not be expected to know everybody around you on day one, with time, you need to develop a basic understanding of the company and its people. Learn who works above and below you, maintaining a good rapport with people at all levels. Find out what you need to do for the company in order for it to recognize you in return. This will help you nurture your career in a positive way as you move up the organizational ladder.

Joining a new job can be like going on a date with someone new. It is customary for individuals in this situation to experience several hard to control emotions. With these tips though, one can hope to keep his emotions in check and learn to make a good impression on the new job.


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