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Happy marketing makes happier customers

Keeping your customers happy is a task too demanding in some regards. In real life, keeping them happy is not as simple as it sounds. This can prove to be confusing and a frustrating endeavor. Clients are a major part of business to the companies and the business flourishes with the regularity in returning of clients. The bigger challenge is for the digital companies because there are less face-to-face interactions with the customers and even when the sales involve services and products that are intangible in nature.

The fight rather grows too big when a dissatisfied customer finds an appropriate portal to voice their opinion. The key to keep customer happy is to adopt a more humanized way for your customer services. Not everything can be automated and customer services are definitely from the same basket. It has to have a personalized touch and the aim to make marketing approaches being felt.

Consider implementing the following measures for marketing in order to keep your customers happier:

A friend in need is a friend indeed

You need to be a friend to your customers at all times. You have to have regular conversations with your customers to establish the feeling of trust about you in their minds. Add creative marketing elements to your customer services. This makes a larger impact. Make sure your way to market is personalized and unique; this attracts many customers and helps them identify you as a company who actually follow the notion that customer is king. Make sure that your customer services are not scripted or canned. Such responses present a very disinterested feature and often let the person down.

A stabilized game of quality and quantity

Often a frustrated customer resorts to argumentative tone and you as customer service providers will have to put efforts to make the situation better. However, under certain circumstance, it takes longer to resolve the issue. The best way is to drop in a mail to the customer that covers both qualitative as well as quantitative measures. The email has to be personalized and humanized, with the use of particular customer name, to whom it is being targeted. This email should answer all the possible queries a customer could probably make.

Avoid giving generic responses; this does not go well with calming the customer. The tone of the email has to be set as an apology. It should be able to treat the customer as a person providing benefit to the company. Be honest, about if there are going to some delays, and try to build a rapport with the customer.

Using the rule of 5

At times, a frustrated customer may respond in a most absurd manner. This might create situations where it is difficult for you stay composed and you might as well end up sending angry or defensive emails that are considered regretted responses most immediately. Before drafting, such responses apply the rule of 5. Answer other five mails before you write a response to the mail that increases the irritability in you.

Do not let the emotions take a toll over the way you respond. Always add a touch of humanity while you respond to such situations. Studies have shown that almost 95% of the times customers are happy and excited. And when 5 percent of the times such cases occur make sure, you handle them nicely.

Marketing is the specialization that adds the elements of personalization and humanity to business practices that helps building stronger relationships between the companies and the customers.


Marketing in humanized manners helps you strengthen the relationships between the clients and the customers and helps them keep happier.


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