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Greenpeace China: What you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there

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This is a unique advertisement launched by Greenpeace China to make people aware about environmental degradation and threat. The advertisement was placed in an underground location of a subway station. The advertisement is clearly showing the environmental dereliction inflicted by non-biodegradable products. The advertisement has shown carved tree, dirt and Styrofoam boxes that remain in their original form casing environmental damages.

This was undoubtedly a remarkable idea to place the ad in an underground place giving impression that a portion of wall is showing what the earth has in its core. Another important aspect is this kind of advertisement catches obvious attention of public. The advertisement is quite punching as well.

The copy of the ad reads, ‘What you can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there. Please don’t use non-biodegradable products’. The ad was created by JWT Shanghai.

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