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Google I/O 2013: turning BigQuery analytics into marketing strategies

The Google I/O 2013 has commenced this week and many reputed companies from across the globe are attending this event. It is a much known fact that Google possesses a lot of data and the main focus in I/O 2013 will be to extend the info about using this data in a beneficial manner. The companies will get useful tips on how to use the Google data for their benefit. There are many gateways through which the companies can use the data such as mobile commerce via the Google Wallet and location APIs for Glass but the main focus was on BigQuery which is a bit complex than the others but it is more effective as well.

BigQuery: useful service by Google

Some might term BigQuery as complex and hard to understand but they cannot rule out the fact that this web based service launched by Google is one of the most logical places to begin with. This web based service is used interactive analysis of big sets of data. The online giant Google states that this service launched by them has the ability to analyze terabytes of data only in a matter of seconds and in just one single click.

There was a case study that was presented to the attendants companies by Ju-kay Kwek who happens to be product manager of BigQuery. Digital photo showcase Shutterfly was used for this particular case study and the product manager explained clearly to the companies that how their marketing executives can utilize the data in developing product and customer marketing strategies. Since the year 2012 Shutterfly has had almost 19 billion images stored in its database and over seven million people have registered with this website.

Stevenson from Shutterfly told that the data with them is not at all random and it needs educational interpretation. The challenge is surely scaling as it includes covering almost 80 petabytes of data. The traditional approaches are not a good option these days as told by Stevenson as they leave out some details and need compromise on some level or another. The main goal of the company is to interpret all the data and maintain clear records of the same. BigQuery from Google is definitely a good service and can be used to fill the gap. BigQuery can definitely prove to be a helpful service to the companies and they can use data for their benefit.


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