Global Healthcare

The global healthcare industry is growing to unprecedented levels with factors such as an ageing population, rising incidence of obesity and chronic diseases contributing to its expansion.


Forecasts suggest that the global healthcare services market will reach the $3 trillion mark by the end of 2014. As a result, we are now witnessing the emergence of remarkable business models catering specifically to this industry in order to gratify the growing demand for such facilities that can provide affordable health for everyone.
Countries are now spending a huge percentage of their GDP on health care even while being riddled with recession because they realize that not spending on health care can result in a severe backlash from the entire population. With medical technologies continually developing, the auxiliary industries linked to global healthcare have also evolved to extend the benefits and make proper healthcare accessible to everyone. Government legislations and incentives are providing an impetus to pharmaceutical companies by providing more funds that enable deeper research and development of miraculous drugs. Hoping that such incentives will make health care systems more sustainable in the future, Governments across the globe are also providing stimulus across allied areas such as medical tourism and healthcare IT today.

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