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Giant Egg billboards outside McDonald’s

mcdonalds Q7u6P 17340

Diners might be shocked to find giant eggs on billboards outside McDonald’s. Its a new ad campaign by them with the help of Leo Burnett ad agency in Chicago. It has caught the attention of many people. The giant egg billboard starts cracking and opens up in the morning and by breakfast it is hatched, and later it remains a whole egg till the next morning. This is to indicate the fresh availability of eggs. It looks similar to Humpty Dumpty and the prevailing theory is that it is to promote their breakfast sandwiches. Another theory is that it is to brainbomb customers from an alien source into buying these sandwiches. Whatever the theory might be, the ad looks really interesting and sure is going to catch people’s attention and make them get inside the warm interiors of a Mc. Do watch out for that extra pound or two you will put on.

Via: PixelPasta

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