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Get to know what works and what does not in the healthcare industry

The traditional ways and methods used in the healthcare industry are now a part of the past. Although you do have professionals who are well trained and equipped to cater to the various healthcare needs, but there is a constant struggle in the industry due to factors like


  • Rising costs and uneven quality
  • Medical services and practices differ from one country to another

Steps taken are not generating the required impact

Converting patients into better consumers

Market leaders, policy makers and professionals, who understand the challenges of the health care sector, have been working towards the betterment of the industry. They have come up with steps like

  • Implementation of electronic medical records
  • Converting patients into better consumers
  • Enforcing different guidelines towards the medical practice
  • Monitoring, alerting and working towards reducing fraudulent activities for the betterment of the industry.

However, there is still a long way to go as these steps have not created the relevant impact needed to overcome the challenges and struggles of the healthcare sector.

Restructuring is required in the sector


A single step cannot help to transform the healthcare industry. Instead, the concept of the whole value agenda needs to be placed so that better strategies and techniques can be implemented to transform the healthcare services provided.

Scientists, researchers, market watchers and analyzers, medical companies and every entity associated with the industry have to work together towards the restructuring and transformation of the healthcare industry.

Developing tools based on the first point of contact concept

The best way to focus on the challenges and transform the industry is by using the help of the first point of contact. By developing tools around this concept, the industry will see a drastic change.

What is the first point of contact?

wants of the patient

Health care and solution providers are people who are associated with both sides. They understand the needs and wants of the patients, and at the same time, they are aware of the challenges and struggles the industry is facing.

They are the right people who can come with different kinds of plans and develop strategies that can work for both sides. The information that they have is so powerful that they can make a positive change in the healthcare sector and help towards improving it.

Goal definition is necessary


In order to resolve any problem, it is essential to have a defined goal. Without this, no strategy or analysis can be effective enough to reduce the challenges and struggles of the industry. Having a defined goal can help in filtering out and prioritizing the different needs and demands effectively.

Market forces can make a change

 healthcare services

The need of the hour clearly points out towards the need of better healthcare services and programs for consumers or patients. The forces from the conventional market can make a change towards the betterment of the industry in many ways.

Quality work plays a vital role in the transformation

healthcare industry

Although there is substantial information regarding the problematic areas of the healthcare industry; but very few people are actually paying attention to these areas. In order to transform the industry, it is essential that more people should start doing their part towards improving the problematic areas, but if things keep on going the way it is presently, then it will take a long time for the healthcare sector to improve, let alone to transform it.

Innovation and Technology is equally important

Medical Technology

The Healthcare sector has taken many initiatives to bring new forms of innovation and technology into the industry. Considering that things are changing so fast, it is important to keep up with the new changes. No doubt, there are various challenges and loopholes within the industry that are considered as obstacles.

The fact of the matter is that the healthcare practices and solutions vary from one country to another. Another reason why there are so many problems in the healthcare sector is due to factors like medical negligence and lack of uniformity from one country to another. Considering that, there are many lives at stake, innovation and technology can help to bridge the gaps and bring in a uniformity within the sector.

This in turn will help patients to get better medical services and facilities easily even if it means that they have to travel to another country. Innovation and technology can make a difference towards the betterment of the industry even in the midst of all this.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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