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Funnel marketing: Using best strategies to get the best out of your funnel marketing

Funnel marketing is a system through which it becomes easier to track the consumers who are on the verge of buying. Such marketing system also allows you to understand the steps you need to take that can influence the customer at every stage.

You need the right approach to think from the customer’s point of view and this part is called ‘Reaching the bottom of the funnel’. For this, you must understand the obstacles they face, you need to know if the customer needs a free trial and also you need to understand all the problems of the customer with regards to the product, and if those have been resolved.

Statistics suggest that nearly 70% of the leads fail to get converted into sales as these are not nurtured properly. It has been also concluded that almost 67% of the business to business marketers send the leads to sales due to which the expected profit is less than 50%.

Funnel in real life and create a Marketing Funnel work

The funnel in real life is entirely connected to the consumers. If you take an example of the retail store where customer tends to visit often and compare it with the e-commerce store, the only difference you will find is that the customers while shopping online can compare the prices and explore the different products simply sitting at home.

With such stakes, it becomes important to understand the consumer point of view and tracking their movement through the funnel. Tools like Google Analytics and Kissmetrics can be of extreme help and can help you in better understanding consumer behavior.

Effective ‘Top Funnel’ Marketing Strategies

Increasing the funnel demand can often be a daunting task for many digital marketers. It is not so easy to attract the visitors especially for the product which they have never used or seen earlier and due to which only 3% of the leads manage to earn good sales. For this, it is necessary to follow certain strategies.

Target the traffic customers who have the interest in your product. You need to keep a track of those customers who do the research for your product. This will eventually help you approach the right audience. Share the necessary content about the product and service on social media as most of the buyers these days prefer to buy the product with such platform. Create the most powerful yet engaging content which would create an interest in the mind of the customers. Other than this, email marketing is also a good option to give it a try to improve the funnel.

Do’s and Don’ts of Top-of-Funnel Marketing

The best way to approach the customer to buy the product and service that you have been selling is through the Top-of-funnel marketing system. However, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you need to follow so that your system works in a fine manner.

Never make assumptions about the customers’ demand. Always research before you decide which product needs to be advertised. Always make a smart move to market the product by knowing who your target audience is. Always remember, that the potential customer at the top of the funnel is keen to know about the topic rather than the product so avoid mentioning the product.

Social media mistakes you probably making

Many customers prefer to visit the site to gain knowledge about the product or the service which is trending these days. But when it comes to funnel marketing, the common mistake that you are likely to commit is adding too many steps.

Eventually, customers get frustrated and stops clicking on the ads of your product. Other than this, remember if the content is not well optimized it will never reach to the customers and if the content is unnecessary, it will never impress the customer. Don’t keep everything private.Instead, create the ads which can later be used and shared further.

Tips to optimize your conversions in digital marketing funnel

Email marketing is the best way to gain customer attention and make them understands how your product and service can be valuable for them. You can also provide the educational information so that it becomes easy to create a relation with the reader. Offer some amazing deals and discounts through email by which the customer would get tempted to make the purchase.

With the marketing funnel, you get the best source of creating the right email strategy. Convert more customers into followers and earn the better profit for the business.


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