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Five reasons behind the incompetence of your advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns are an essential tool in gathering feedback. No matter how vigilant and professional you are while handling or marketing your business, advertising campaigns at times reach the wrong audience and fail to make a mark. In this article, you will come across some of the reasons behind ineffective advertising campaign, so you could avoid them in the days to come.

Reasons why it is not working

  • A campaigning is like a house of cards relying on proprietary code to complement message passing between all involved parties. The lack of standards in advertisement operations makes it tough to organize data collection and media buying flows across the complex network of publishers, exchanges and data providers.
  • It takes a fair amount of understanding and mapping to turn the target audience defined in a creative and brief in an effective plan. Reaching the right audience is not enough. Publishers must prove the efficiency of the advertising running on their esteemed websites.
  • It is important to use latest techniques. When it comes to digital media, many media agencies are still in the Stone Age. They are not to blame as much of the technology innovation of the past five years was focused on the publishers. The lack of automatic tools makes it tough for media planners to create many mini-media buys. As a result, media planners will naturally focus on larger, less accurate media buys that they could execute with no hassle from a limited set of inventory providers.
  • Reaching audiences based on context is particularly effective. Media planners and media buyers are only trained to buy audiences based on the media they consume. User cookies are misleading. It is unique to a computer, not to a person. Many campaigns end up recycling the same pool of targeted user across their data and inventory providers. Without real time visibility on users reached and inventory overlap, agencies are unable to manage frequency-capping waste and prioritize spend towards the most efficient providers.
  • Most publishers, advertisement networks provide little visibility over data and optimization techniques, making it difficult for media buyers to understand the hidden characteristics of performing audiences that offer new branding opportunities or better direct response performance. The real time media buying, audience management and campaign optimization capabilities of emerging demand platforms finally give a voice to the advertiser where previously the ecosystem was dominated by ad networks.

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