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Five most useful mobile apps to increase your business productivity

Are you a gizmo-freak? If yes then you must know how to make the most of all those mobile applications available in the market and ramp up the output of your business significantly. Here 5 most useful mobile apps that can help you in your way:

Meeting Mapper / Meeting Mapper Fierce

‘Meeting Mapper’ and ‘Meeting Mapper Fierce’ are exclusive iPad apps that help in knowing which of your meetings are coming out as fruitful. Meeting Mapper can ‘map’ the roles and the opinions of members during meetings so that it becomes easy for business persons to figure out the next steps. Apart from collecting and ‘mapping’ useful information, this efficient application can also create follow up schedules automatically. While Meeting Mapper effectively contribute to make your meetings successful, Meeting Mapper Fierce – an app integrated with SalesForce – can help you close your new sales strategically. Both apps are released by the Point N Time Software.

Evernote for Business

Developed by Evernote, this multi-platform application is highly popular among business persons around the world. ‘Evernote for Business’ is the fifth version of the program, which offers a large number of upgraded functions along with basic note-taking. If you want to enjoy several Business Notebook features teamed up with strong alliance, streamlined billing procedure and improved support system, this app would be a great choice for you.


EchoSign is exclusively made for those busy sales representatives who need to travel a lot. It is a product of Adobe and has gained much popularity as a comprehensive e-signature application for iOS. Just forget the days when you had to carry large contract papers with you wherever you go. With the help of EchoSign, you can access your necessary documents from various cloud storage services anytime anywhere. As a result, it becomes really simple and easy to send contract papers to the clients fast, get those signed right away and manage those properly.


It is a unique iPad app launched by the Float MobileLearning. If you are a dedicated Dropbox user, RabbleBrowser will be a perfect choice for you to give your business a boost. It comes with a wide range of functionalities. Basically, it allows users to share files, images, videos, URLs, or any others necessary documents accumulated on Dropbox with other iPad owners in a much efficient way. In short, conversations during a meeting or discussion can be made more productive by sharing browsing sessions as and when required.


Now, get rid of synching your confidential documents with your personal mail or Dropbox each time you leave your workplace. Workshare offers a robust platform for perfect synchronization of files. From computers to mobile devices, this application can be run on any instrument. You can also have an insight into new comments, fresh updates, etc. associated with those files.

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