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Five essential Advertising techniques

Enterprises today need to project themselves and their products effectively before the masses. This is best achieved with the help of Advertising. It is a key component of today’s business strategy and successful implementation of advertising campaigns can make the difference between a successful and failed venture. Thus, it is important to make sure that you get the basics right when it comes to advertising. Through this article, we will look at five essential advertising techniques needed to strike a chord with the audience.

1.   Identify the core competency

What is that one quality which can distinguish you from your competitors when it comes to a product or even as a brand in general? Identify that and start working on advertising these competencies in order to strike a chord with the audience. As your particular feature is better than those of the competing brands, it will become easier for the advertising campaign to be effective. In this aspect, the use of a good headline plays a key role. The headline must be able to deliver the differentiating factor in the most striking manner.

2.   Provide stats and figures

Not many advertisers understand the importance of statistics and figures to back them their claim up. Providing statistics and figures gives that look of credibility to your advertising campaign. Not only that, audience tends to believe you as there is actual primary data available to support your claim. However, do not that the stats and figures obtained must be from a reliable and accredited source.

3.   Incentive of Guarantee and Warranty

While the particular product maybe the best, unless you can assure the audience that you are willing to also insure them in case something goes wrong with it; they won’t generally be interested. Providing any kind of after-sale incentive like that of a Guarantee or Warranty can give their credible backing to your product. The product need not be an electronic one to offer these incentives; creative advertisers have devised incentives even for products used commonly.

4.   Lighten the tone

You convey a message better by directing the message in a lighter tone. Try to infuse a bit of humor if possible in your advertising campaign. This will catch the audience’s attention and will keep your campaign in their mind for a longer period of time.

5.   Use the newest advertising mediums

This is another critical aspect. Rely on upcoming trends like the social media advertising in order to reach out to a global audience.

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