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Five ad network positives

How you should use ad network so to drive in the best result for brand marketers?

Brand advertisers want more value of their resources now. So, to reach the increasingly fragmented and critical online audiences marketers don’t want to spare a single avenue left, beyond traditional transaction, serving, tracking and reporting they want more from the ad networks. Why this shift in attitude? Why this growing dependency? ValueClick Media’s general manager shares his view with David A. Yovanno.

1. Complement your reach

The internet is not just a couple of key portals and some vertical content sites

2. Reduce frequency waste

Controls frequency across many sites

3. Optimize to brand metrics

Basic brand marketing objectives include driving lift in awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase intent.

4. Scale your custom solutions

Advanced targeting such as behavioral, time of day, geography, and other less typical options such as roadblocks.

5. Leverage efficiencies

[What is ad network? An aggregator or broker of advertising inventory for many sites. Ad networks are the sales representatives for the Web sites within the network. (From]

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