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Factors to consider before advertising

Advertising is a key aspect of today’s marketing process. Not only is it the best possible manner of reaching out to your audience, it also encompasses numerous other factors on which the image of a product, brand or a company can be built or ruined. So what is the main aim of advertising? The main aim is arguably to present the features of the brand or the product. An advertisement must in simple terms, present the best of the desired entity in the most effective manner. The next obvious question would be to know the best time for advertising. Many established marketers who are skilled in their job know how to exploit the scope of advertising for creating a ‘Marketing Competitive Advantage’ by getting their timing right. Let us look at some of the factors that are important for understanding the concept of advertising at a particular instant of time.

Weariness factor

It is common sense that the target audience will be worn out by the end of the day and will also be far too receptive at the start of the day. However, in a recent study conducted by leading Professor Derek Rucker and his colleagues showed that worn out targets were more certain of the determined actions that they thought of taking after watching a particular advertisement than those who were relatively fresh. Thus, it can be safely concluded that the worn out targets were more determined in their decision and that could provide the hint for a smart marketer.

However, the catch in here is that the audience must be engaged. Naturally, worn out targets would be more judgmental in their ability to assess as well. Thus, the marketer will get just a few moments to catch the worn out customers’ attention. It is very important than to be creative enough in this case to attract the audience’s attention. The simple reason being that if you manage to entice your ‘worn out’ target audience; the probability that the customer will opt for your service is pretty high.

Time slots and Medium selection

The experience of advertising during the primetime slots is another idea. As more and more customers catch the broadcast media during the primetime slot at night, it is advisable to advertise during this period. Same can be deducted regarding online advertising wherein the audience mostly surfs at night.

Timing of your advertising can be a key tactic in placing your service or product or brand image ahead of your competitors. Thus, it is important to use it wisely as it can be a clear difference between success and moderate achievement in terms of sales.


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