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Effectively changing your organizational culture

A healthy organizational culture plays an important role in shaping behavior in an organization. In other words, the environment is formulated from the interactions of employees in a workplace. Organizational culture includes strengths, strategies, experiences, weaknesses, education, knowledge, and other things. The effectiveness of the organizational culture depends on the actions and leadership of leaders and executives. An organization must have a flexible organizational culture, as employees must feel free and confident while working. Organizational culture depends on the foundation and foundation should be able to make the employees or workers happy.

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Importance of organizational culture

A healthy organizational culture helps to hold the employees and employer together. It also helps to give a right direction to the company or business and a business cannot achieve more without a healthy organizational culture. In an addition to this, it creates a common ground for all and reduces the risk in the business. It offers a vision and direction to the business. Business experts and advisers can opt for different methods to make organizational culture effective and healthier but it is vital to choose one according to its requirement in an organization.

Changing your organizational culture

Changing an entrenched culture is the most difficult part of any organization. A manager has to go through many facts and have to make various policies to make such changes in an organization. The manager should know how to convince the people he works with and have the knowledge to choose the best method for this. The manager should have the ability to use available resources in an effective way. An organizational culture change can give a new direction to a business.

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Process to change an organizational culture

This process involves nine main steps, which are as follows:


The first step is to evaluate the current performance and culture of an organization, which involves analysis of past performance of present organizational culture. It is important to note the weaknesses of current organizational culture and important measures to make it more effective.



Vision is the most important thing to make any change in an organization as without vision you cannot decide organizational goals. It is important to improve the weak areas in an organization and supports the business in any situation.


It is important to make your people aware about the value of strong organizational culture. This will help you to make the changes in an effective and better way.

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A strong organizational culture requires an effective strategy, which can help the organization to achieve more and stay firm in any situation. It is also important to clear all the strategic properties to your colleagues and prepare them for change.


Teamwork is a vital part to make business successful because an individual cannot run an organization. It is important to engage the team in order to perform change and implementing the strategy.

Management system

Management system

An effective management system is very important to manage all the tasks regarding organizational culture. It will help in making the procedure run in a systematic and continuous way.


After effective management system, the manager needs to communicate with his colleagues and ask about their problems. It is the duty of the manager to make them aware about the entire process and several meetings or training sessions can be organized for this.


The last step is to take is motivation, which is essential to make the people work properly in an organization. It depends on the priorities, management, adjustments, and regular communication activities.


A healthy organizational culture is vital to make a business successful. This helps keep the employees together in a workplace without any problem.

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