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EBay eyes mobile as route to the high street

Developing new strategies is one process that is always in motion as people these days look for new and innovative things on every website they log on to. The businesses these days have to stay one step ahead of the consumer thinking in order to be in their hot list. The retail giant eBay needs no formal introduction as all of you who are reading this discussion must have shopped on the ecommerce website at some point or another. eBay is thinking of using the mobiles as the way to reach out to more and more people.

EBay: expanding the reach through new techniques

The latest update that has come from eBay is that the company is planning to place mobile as the center of the strategies that will be framed in the future. The retail giant is also launching a new trial titled sofa shopping for the people which will allow the people who own tablets to access content based on what they are seeing on television. Alexander who happens to be European marketing chief of eBay recently talked about the plan formulated by eBay.

He shared the details at IAB’s mobile engage event on May 16 and this was held in London. Alexander clarified that almost one third of the total sales that eBay makes have mobile involvement in them. The European marketing chief of eBay also said that the trial sofa shopping will be conducted in the United States. Alexander added to his speech that the company is willing to undertake some trials that might either produce good results or they may also fail badly but it is way better than getting stuck in internal politics. Alexander told that around forty eight percent of the tablet owning lot and around forty three percent of the mobile owning lot first showroom.

Showroom means that they go to a shop and check out the product they like then they compare its cost over the internet on their mobile phones and they purchase it from somewhere else. The mobile can be of great help to us as it will enable us to leverage the online offering in a much better manner. Alexander from eBay shared a lot of details about the upcoming strategies of the company. This particular retail giant is trying its best to use mobile in their best interest.   


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