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Does Your Small Business Really Need another Social Media Network in Google+?

When it comes to social media marketing, most businesses are content just having a business page up on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Google+, however, doesn’t seem to be at the top of anyone’s social media lists right now. But here is the thing with the new network- Google has developed it, Google is constantly developing it, and it seems like Google won’t rest until it has made Google+ an absolute necessity for every internet user. For a small business, the time spent managing social media networks can affect productivity too which is why many aren’t keen on adding Google’s social media attempt to their list. But should is Google + really something that your small business NEEDS? Let find out.

1. Access to notifications within all Google products

One of the biggest ways in which Google + differs from all other social media networks is that its notifications can be checked across all Google products like Gmail, YouTube and Google search without leaving that site. Compare that to services like twitter and Facebook and Google + really appears to be a more intuitive way to stay connected to customers through the day.

2. Circles help streamline customer groups

Google+ Circles allows small businesses to segregate their customers into different groups or circles more intuitively. Once customers are so grouped, businesses can create advertizing and promotional posts and update keeping in mind in the kind of audience each group has.

3. Stream makes content sharing easier

The big way in which Google+ Stream differs from Facebook’s wall is that you can share content with people that aren’t in your own contact list without adding them.

4. Content discovery through Sparks

If you don’t have the time to search for new and interesting content each day, you can browse through the Spark feature on Google+. Not only does it offer previews from leading world magazines and news organizations, it also helps users discover new content that isn’t shared by contacts.

5. Hangout as free video conferencing service

As a small business, paying for a dedicated video conferencing service can eat through profits very easily. But a service like Google+ Hangouts can deliver practically the same kind of group video chat experience and quality for free.

6. Messenger makes Google Mobile more accessible

You can have a group text conversation through the messenger service on Google Mobile. For a small business, this can helps save a lot on phone bills for employees as well as the employer.


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