Direct mail has been used a very effective marketing tool for years. With the advent of email, and other online tools like social media and videos etc, many marketers thought it would go out of fashion. Many naysayers expressed doubts that technology would affect the direct mail marketing. But it has managed to survive and is as effective as it has always been.

In fact, direct mail has been enhanced by new technology, as it can generate new leads to a website, or providing information about online offers and gathering information about potential customers. Read on to find out how direct mail marketing is doing well in the digital world:

Ithas a personal touch

Direct mail has a personal touch which cannot be ignored. Email marketing is impersonal and usually is ignored by the potential customer, unless he or she is familiar with the sender. Also there are a thousand things by which a computer user is distracted, and emails which are sent to market products or services get completely lost in the deluge of mails.

But in the case of direct mail, everyone opens their mail and hardly everyone throws away a well-designed and attractive direct mail, especially one which is directed to their personal needs. It is easier to get the attention of people with an attractively designed direct mail.Using handwriting font on the envelope also increases the personal touch.  It allows a marketer to interact personally with a potential customer. 

Track your campaign

With direct mail, the effectiveness of your campaign can be gauged. By tracking the number of inquires generated, or the amount of redeemed coupons, or how many people have visited the website, marketers can see what’s working depending on the response from people. 

It’s highly targeted

Direct mail can be used to target individuals who are open to offers. You can choose the right time to send the mail, which will get you a better response.Direct mails are usually sent after careful study of the demographic targeting their specific needs which has a better chance of getting the desired response.

It can be easily integrated with other media

Direct mail can be strong component of an integrated campaign using digital and other media like the web, radio and television and social media. People aretempted to open a direct mail when they have seen or heard the product being marketed on other media, thus making the direct mail campaign a success too.

It’s tangible

Direct mail is the only form of communication which allows direct contact with the customer. People can touch, experience and hold on to it which is a big advantage over all other forms of marketing. You can get customers involved with QR codes and coupons and be established in their memory. According to surveys, household which receive print catalogs shop more online and visit the retail websites. The respondents of the survey were from all age groups and belonged to all strata of society.

Trust factor

Direct mail has a greater trustworthiness over email. Hackers breaking into emails, phishing scams et al being common;customers have become wary of emails, especially those with attachments. Direct mail wins over email as there it is more private and secure. It can also be dressed up as much as required to make it attractive and inviting. According to studies, the 18-34 age groups prefers direct mail is 2-3 times more than email and social media for info on health and household products, financial and insurance services.

Direct mail influences Baby Boomers

In a study by Watershed Publishing in 2015, direct mail was found to be the biggest influencer for Baby Boomers’ purchasing behavior. For those marketers who have a similar demographic, direct mail seems to be the most important marketing tool.

It stands out

With direct mail, marketers have the chance to design something outstanding which people would enjoy looking at and opening. Direct mail can use myriad colors, shapes and materials to convey the advertiser’s message in a unique way. Many people recognize the effort put into designing and executing an attractive direct mail and respond accordingly.

Direct mail can pique the curiosity of the recipients which is the first step in getting them involved in the message sent by the marketer, which is the point of all advertising. Thus, direct mail is still thriving in the digital world.

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