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Consumer brands can generate large amounts of revenue during the time of the holidays but the period can prove to be difficult for other categories of products, like business-to-business brands. Proper benchmarking helps most digital marketers to notice a drop in social-follower engagement during the holidays by measuring the progress of social media. Digital marketers can understand whether they are doing something wrong or right through social benchmarking. They might even be able to realize when they are just undergoing a natural phase of ebbs and flows, commonly seen in the industry.

[box_dark]Tide Over the Holidays[/box_dark]

A seasonal lull is nothing to ponder over all the time; the matter is out of your hands and so you should focus on areas where you can exercise control. Begin planning your work strategy for the month of January. Get ready to work like crazy if you think you are going to get a bump from the season of holidays in order to find a method to sustain the momentum even after the beginning of the new year is long past. Even if you are unsure about the status, read the signs to realize that you should benchmark to understand what sort of an impact the annual ebbs and flows have on your business.

[box_dark]The Wish List[/box_dark]

Most marketers are rather vocal when it comes to soliciting their views on what they would like to gain during the holidays from the efforts they put into the digital media industry. The perfect holiday wish list for digital marketers should include some of the following points.

Digital marketers want their consumers to open up to them and share their actual likes and dislikes. One of the best gifts a consumer can offer to a digital marketer is their mobile number as well as their email ID which will help them associate likes.

Digital marketers are interested to know whether or not you have a digital reader such as a kindle, an iPad. Indulge them during the holiday season.

You can make a digital marketer very happy by adding them to your list of safe senders. Opening any one out of four separate campaigns via a consumer is also present on the wish list of several digital marketers.

Help a digital marketer fulfill his holiday wish list by downloading their app and spreading the good word to your friends. Make the holidays a more special time for them by responding properly to their surveys and crossing channels.

Most digital markers hold identical wants and needs when it comes to communicating with customers at the time of the holidays. Knowing the preferences of consumers and studying the responses to surveys can help digital marketers better communicate

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