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Different appeals used by advertisers to sell

Advertising is a creative skill and many marketers consider that anything works as long as the product sells. As the entire sales value of the product or the image of a brand depends on it, the key aspect of Advertising’s effectiveness can be easily estimated.  However, as the field encompasses so many elements, it is but natural that different marketers will have different ideas when it comes to advertising. Thus, the appeals used by marketers to entice the audience can be bemusing yet astonishing.

1.       Inherent fear

Advertisers have tapped on to this aspect quite cleverly. The tactic is to force the target audience into buying the product based on the fear created in their mind. For example, the creation of ‘peer group’ marketing tactic is a good illustration. Promoting a product by conveying the message that the product is a must for a certain age group such as teenagers can make the teenagers opt for the product, in the fear of being ‘isolated’ from others if they do not buy the product! Second best example would be that of Shampoos. Advertising companies quite shrewdly hit on the weakness of the targets by conveying successfully how the tendency to shun using a shampoo can be detrimental to your hair and overall hygiene!

2.       Grooming

There can be two distinct aspects in this tab. Firstly; target audience is enticed by showing the good effects of effective grooming. The best example would be that of facial care products wherein separate products are now brandished for men and women. Advertising strategy in this case is to clearly hit on the aspect that grooming can help a person to look better. Secondly;appeal is also made on the lines of attracting the opposite sex. Use of fragrances and deodorants is a common example of this type.

3.       Celebrity craze

Celebrity craze is a well-known aspect of advertising for leading brands. The fans of the certain celebrities often associate with a product just because their favourite celebrity is endorsing the product. This has been an effective advertising tactic for a long time.

4.       Humour

Tickling the funny bone of the target audience is another smart way of advertising.  Research has shown that the audience connects emotionally with an advertisement that is based on humorous appeal. Also, the other advantage is that the audience is more likely to remember an advertisement based on this theme.

There are different approaches to creation of advertisements and it is always dependent on the marketer to exploit the genres for marketing sustainability.

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