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Developing marketing strategies is just like playing a game of chess

Marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. Developing a marketing plan is a necessary task which you must not delay or postpone. Some people make the mistake of assuming that spreading leaflets and advertising your products through billboards and TV ads will help their business. The truth is that advertising is a small part of marketing. Marketers should start by observing the market and analyzing the prospects of a product. Finding out the target market is the most important task. Every marketing strategy should be aimed at impressing the target market. Chess is a game that has to be played by using strategies and tactics. It is quite similar to doing business. If you formulae marketing strategies in the same way you would play chess to win then your chances of getting success will increase.


In chess you have to look at the board and try to visualize different moves. At the same time you also have to think about the counter moves of your opponent. A marketing strategy should encompass every part of the marketing department. Setting a goal is the first thing that you need to do. Once you have written down what your marketing goals for the year are then you can proceed to the next step. The marketing strategy should aim at achieving these goals. If you write down about the exact price, description, modes of distribution of your products then planning a strategy will be easy.

You have to look at the marketing strategy from every possible angle. Consider what your competitors are providing and how your product is better. Also think about what your target audience wants. Presentation is also a part of marketing and you should not neglect it. After you have planned your marketing strategy then you must calculate the budget. The marketing tactics you use will depend on the budget. Plan the methods of promotion next and write your plans down for revisions. Chess teaches us to be focused on one ultimate goal. In marketing the ultimate goal is to present the products in a brilliant way to engage the prospective clients and create interest.

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