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Dangerous Dessert Ads

Advertisers have grown smart enough. They have realized that people pay much attention to the health aspect too and still want to relish the goodness of healthy stuff. This has motivated ad makers to work on innovative advertisements that highlight the health quotient of desserts, simultaneously warning the people of the ill effects that can emerge by taking these in excessive quantity.

An innovative concept

A lead has been made by Unimed Curitiba, which has come up with an innovative concept for promotion of range of desserts. The campaign has been designed in such a manner that it acknowledges the quality of desserts and acknowledges the fact that carving for more can be dangerous in the long run. The ad agency has worked out an innovative campaign and spread across the message by using an image of spider that masquerades as a truffle.

Unique posters have been designed to make the message clear and loud. One of the posters designed for the campaign conveys the message that something appearing as a delight can infact be dangerous for health.

Creative team behind the concept

The idea of creating and spreading awareness on diabetes has been taken forward by an intelligent team that worked under an ad agency based in Curitiba in Brazil. The ad agency known by the name of Bronx had tried various combinations before coming up with the present concept. The idea is to raise the awareness level of the masses on the problems related with diabetes. The idea is to garner support and promote the concept on International Day against Diabetes. Petro Murara has directed this innovative concept with creative direction being done by Alexandre Silveria. The illustrations have been done by Leonardo Soares.

The ad concept has found acceptance amongst health conscious people and the ad agency hopes that such innovative ideas will help raise awareness on health issues among the masses.

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