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Comprehensive wellbeing of an employee directly influences his or her performance at the workplace and companies are well aware of this fact. Ensuring that employees are not unfairly stressed due to the excessive pressure and demands has become a priority for businesses worldwide. Consequently, a large number of companies are earnestly trying to present a framework that can guide efficient development of strategy in the field of employee well being.

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A coherent approach that can safeguard the physical and mental wellness of the workforce can affect the overall functioning of the entire organization in a positive way and goes a long way in making it successful and profitable over time.
Bringing about a lasting behavioral change in employees involves constant encouragement and support from those who are farther up on the ladder. It also requires an understanding of personality types and predisposition to change on an individual level because ignoring or bypassing the symptoms of uneasiness and depression among workers can result in absenteeism and performance degradation with time. Promoting a culture of equality, active participation and fairness based on open communication gives rise to morale boosting emotions among employees, which eventually translates to a higher level of commitment and promotion of well-being.

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