Corporate Culture Guide

Corporate culture is an integral part of any organization and plays a deciding role in influencing the productivity and morale of the entire workforce in any business. Even though commonly defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices that characterize an institution, organization or group- it is very hard to come to an agreement on those so-called shared attributes in reality.


If treated like a singular achievement or a goal that needs realization, the results can be counterproductive because maintaining the perfect corporate culture is not just an attainable objective but a continuous process that is dependent on the collective set of behaviors of the people involved. An intangible product of management styles and ideologies, corporate culture dictates the attitude and commitment of every single employee in an abstract manner.
This is true for all kinds of companies, whether small or large and whether created through gradual development or through meticulous planning and implementation. A good corporate culture entails repeated discussions and transparent communication among apprentices as well as top management in order to inculcate collaborative and proactive ethos in a company. Leaders must demonstrate by way of guidance and motivation how cultural behaviors can help to advance the business in a favorable direction.

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