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Common Website mistakes that entrepreneurs make

When you first start the work of developing your website for the new business, you may miss or overlook certain things since you are not a website designer. It is actually common for all newbie entrepreneurs to make some small mistakes that can usually be fixed in an easy way. Doing that may actually increase your website’s productivity. So, check out what such common website mistakes are so you could fix them timely or avoid committing them.

Adding less about the business and more about yourself

Usually at the start, there is nothing much to talk about the business and then entrepreneurs flood the ‘About’ page on their websites with the information about their life, experiences, achievements, etc. But, that is not their real business and might not leave a great impression on clients. Thus, it is best to avoid mentioning too much on the ‘About’ page and keep it confined to a short business description. When there is much information to add to it, then your personal and other details can find a place on additional website pages.

Displaying ads on your website

Another common mistake is to sell your website space for advertising and making some quick bucks. These ads are actually making your brand look cheaper and also distract your site visitors. You should only advertise about your business when you are starting it off. Stay away from any advertising on your website and pay extra for ad removal if you are using a free site.

Hidden or skipped contact information

Many-a-times, websites do not display the business contacts in a sufficient manner as their placement is either on the contacts page only or hidden in a corner somewhere. Your customers would obviously not keep searching for the contacts and would move away from the site if they cannot easily locate this important information. Find places on the website (for example, header and footer) where your phone numbers, e-mails/fax, addresses and other contact details are clearly mentioned. Also, make sure that all this information is mentioned accurately and there is no phone number or e-mail address skipped.

Creating Flash websites

Avoid spending a lot of money on a Flash website as Flash cannot be viewed on several mobile devices, including iPhone and iPad. About 40% of your audience would not be able to view your Flash site.

Blurry fonts or graphics and loud colors

These entire rainbow colored images and big colorful fonts may look bright to you, but they surely don’t appeal your audience as these block the actual stuff that should be viewed. Graphics should be clear and crisp, but avoid using clipart or everyday images to display your products. Choose a sober and contrasting color scheme for your website and keep it consistent throughout. Stick to the basic black font for better readability.


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