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Cheap and effective marketing tactics for your business

An effective marketing doesn’t necessarily depend on the money you spend but on the innovative and unique ways, you use to get attention from your potential customers. So, a successful marketing campaign depends more on the marketing tactics and less on the money. Therefore, here are some cheap and effective marketing tactics that will surely generate potential customers and bring you positive results:

1.    Cause marketing

Cause marketing is a charitable activity which needs you to choose a particular charity to donate money in order make your brand more visible as a good and noble corporate sponsor. These activities will attract customers because of your noble aim to provide charity works to the society and will also make your brand popular at the same time. You can carry out cause marketing by running some fund-raising campaigns or allowing your employees to work for charity once every month.

2.    Social media marketing

Social media is a very cheap but time-intensive platform to make your brand visible and also for engaging with your consumers directly. Some of the most popular social media networks you can use for your benefit are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and blogs. Besides these, there are many other networks as well which you can find out by using any search engine on the internet.

3.    Referral programs

A good referral program can convert your own customers into salespeople. These programs generally includes rewarding incentives, discounts or providing free services to the customers who are loyal to you and who helps in spreading your business. Creating an attractive referral or loyalty program can boost your business to a great extent.

4.    Co-marketing

Co-marketing involves finding non-competing companies with whom you can team up and promote both of your products together in the market. This technique is cost-effective and also makes your brand more visible in the market. It also allows both the brands to experience maximum exposure and if you can provide discount in your products then this technique can bring you incredible results.

5.    Guerrilla marketing

Any non-traditional marketing technique that involves very less amount of money is called as guerrilla marketing and this type of marketing demands smart ideas. If you can come up with some highly creative ideas to solve your marketing problems then you can undertake the tactic of guerrilla marketing for your business. It is very effective for small-scale businesses who want to generate more customers by spending as much less as possible on marketing. You can offer freebies along with your product, which wouldn’t affect your profit or give special coupons to your customers every time they purchase from you.


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