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Brand Xperience brings eco-friendly advertising mobile billboards

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Being eco-friendly is the new mantra to save our green planet. We have seen environment-friendly companies campaigning for their eco-friendly products but may be for the first time we have come across an advertising agency propagating an eco-friendly medium for advertising. The traditional billboards or print ads might have played a part in pollution by contributing to felling of the trees around the world for paper, although now we have the opportunity to recycle papers. To give a fresh look to advertising medium in an eco-friendly manner, experimental marketing and design agency Brand Xperience has launched emission-free electric vehicles as the mobile billboards.

Two three-wheelers and three neighborhood electric vehicles will be converted to mobile billboards. The Brand Xperience mobile billboards would run at a speed of 25mph in 25 US cities. With the rising energy cost, these pollution-free mobile billboards will not only be viable but might make advertising cost cheaper.


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