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How birds provide an excellent example of collectivistic leadership

Great leaders often draw inspiration from the most unlikely sources. Leadership has been demonstrated not only by humans but also by birds and animals. Since both these entities live in a group, there has to exist a leader who can lead the pack or flock. This is more relevant with birds because they are well known to be collectivist in nature and are generally bound to be more caring.


Birds provide an excellent example of collectivistic leadership. By understanding the pattern and thought behind the flight of Canada Geese, a good insight into collective leadership can be obtained.

As is the case during spring, birds often migrate and Canada Geese are no different. Their flight pattern is not just random but has an excellent scientific thought running behind, devised to cover maximum distance at minimal expense of energy for every member of the flock. So let us derive some leadership analogies from the flight pattern of Canada Geese.


  • Making optimum use of resources

Canada Geese devise a V-shaped flying pattern, wherein they can easily reduce the air gap. However, the birds at the beginning of the pattern have to overcome considerable air resistance and thus have to spend more energy than the ones at the back! Thus, they interchange positions so that each member of the flock is adequately rested for the entire duration of the journey. By sharing the burden, they overcome the tough air resistance and finally reach their destination.

Leaders must also ade1quately share the responsibility amongst the group members, without overburdening any of the members. Division and coordination of work makes it easy for a group to achieve its objective.


  • Shared vision

For any objective that is supposed to be achieved in a group, it may well be impossible if only leader has the vision while the rest of the group is not in tune with the leader. Shared leadership enables Canada Geese to fly towards the same objective as that of the leader, as they all share the same common goal!


  • Working in a group

Canada Geese’s example easily demonstrates that working together in a group makes you achieve the objective, while the same would lead to failure if one worked alone!


Leadership has become ever so important in today’s world wherein people are expected to work in groups. Best example of group leadership would be that of Canada Geese that fly towards their destination. Each of them shares the same vision and workload to reach the destination.


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