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Better Leadership Qualities: Men versus Women

When it comes to leadership, a question that always comes to our mind is that whether men or women are better choices for it. The matter is quite controversial and a number of studies have already been carried out on this. However, if we have a look at the latest survey conducted on this issue, we will see that most of the Americans consider leadership to be a good option for both men and women.

Both men and women are good leaders

The nationwide survey was organized by the Pew Research Center, an American organization established for carrying out interdisciplinary research for various governmental as well as non-governmental associations. A total of 2,250 adult people took part in it.

According to the result of the survey revealed by the organization, a large chunk of the participants (almost 69%) believe that both men and women possess good leadership qualities which can be sharpen through repetitive applications for putting into the practice. Approximately 21% participants think that men are always a better choice than women in terms of leadership skills, while only 6% of them voted for women.

Women have all those right traits

Though only a few respondents expressed their belief on women over their male counterparts, majority of them made it clear that females have all those necessary skills and essential qualities which can turn them into successful leaders. Whether it is about intelligence or about integrity, women are capable of going ahead from men in all ways.

In today’s era, women have left their footprints in almost each and every sector. From earning higher degrees to forming a huge part of the corporate workforce, they have proved their competence again and again. It can also be proved true in case of leadership if certain limitations like less exposure to real-life problems, insufficiency of experience, etc. are overcome.

Men possess the qualities inherently

While women are less exposed to problematic situations and also do not get enough opportunity to gather experience to come out to be leaders, men hold those exclusive leadership qualities innately. They just have all what it takes to be great leaders and hence, they are placed to the positions of leader in various organizations.

However, many American associations are yet to choose women over men as leading corporate professionals. That is the reason for which women are lagging behind men in terms of leadership, says the survey report.

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