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AQ Audio Announces Latest Launch of SmartSpeaker Range


AQ SmartSpeaker A2, the second generation of AQ Audio’s much popular Airplay Speaker has been brought into the market with the friendliest technological methods. This established and trendy UK brand of audio has launched this excellent gadget in the market with new colors and a low price although it contains the same features as the general SmartSpeaker contained.

This new version of the gadget will surely prove to be a huge satisfaction for buyers because of its high acoustic clarity. Moreover, it has the uniqueness of separation of the left and the right channels. Contrary to the previous model, this one is an AQ Direct mode which will enable users to make full use of the AirPlay Technology at any place, instead of the Wi-Fi network service. Android and Windows users can also utilize this gadget with the help of a special DLNA Certified App available at the Google PlayStore and also via Microsoft’s “Play To” feature. The AirPlay facility is, however, built only for Apple.

AirPlay function is the best

The simple yet innovative one-touch AirPlay by the AQ SmartSpeakers is a treat for all Apple users. A great deal of Apps can be surfed through this AirPlay feature. These include, the Internet Radio Stations, the audio from films or the TV programs, Spotify and other famous music Apps and not to forget your iTunes Libraries of course. This intuitive technology will let enthusiasts to enjoy loud and clear music anywhere and connect to the AirPlay network without much hassle. The AQ Direct will let you surf through your iTunes music library from over a distance of 50 meters.


Now AirPlay also for Android-users

This gadget easily allows users to transfer audio from any Android or Windows device to the well-furnished AQ SmartSpeakers using AQ Play. This Android App will be launched at Google Play Store very soon. With the help of Microsoft’s “Play To” feature, the AQ SmartSpeaker A2 will be able to establish a connection with any windows device which has a version of Windows 7 or above.

Device designed to keep environment healthy

The AQ SmartSpeaker A2 is well designed with an auto power shut off feature that has got a unique ability to cut down on electricity expenses by powering down the unit after one week of non-use by owners. Hence it is also considered as an eco-friendly device.



Sound can blow your mind away

The AQ SmartSpeaker A2 provides stereo sound quality as a stand-alone speaker. When you transmit your iTunes, this Speaker will give true hi-fi sound after selecting left and right channel separation while using two AQ SmartSpeakers.

Has the best design one can offer

The latest model has an internationally acclaimed fame with its smooth touch and high quality finish which goes easy on the eyes at any surrounding. The organic shape attracts people in the best possible way and becomes an obsession for music lovers all around the world.

High powered digital amplifier comes as an additional effect to the Speakers to gain much fame for improved stereo imaging.

Price and Availability

AQ SmartSpeaker A1 (Single) costs around $189 while AQ SmartSpeaker A1 (Twin Pack) is $359 approximately.

Higher models like AQ SmartSpeaker A2 (Single) is priced at $149 and AQ SmartSpeaker A2 (Twin Pack) costs $289. The four packs AQ SmartSpeaker A2 (Four pack) costs around $555.

A quick review

To conclude, this device is much user friendly compared to the previous ones and customers are bound to enjoy its stereo sounds and other unique qualities of this. Not to mention, the price is also kept at a reasonable range for affordable measures.

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