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Advertizing in space – The JP Aerospace way

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Are you tired of all sorts of hackneyed ad promotion campaigns? Then here is something that is not only innovative but literally out of the world. With JP Aerospace’s space propaganda technique, you will wonder whether your ads are targeted at the astronauts (or may be the aliens aboard the UFOs), helping them plan their shopping itinerary on returning to earth. JP Aerospace launches billboards supported on specially constructed balloons to the edge of the space, 20 miles above sea level to be precise. Then hundred of images of the ad displayed on space are snapped and returned back to earth via parachutes for the advertisers to use them as they desire. And if you are wondering about the price of the ad, well, when sky is the limit of the ad displays it is natural for JP Aerospace to charge ₤200 for 2 x 2-inch panel and ₤2,100 for a 4 x 8-inch full panel ad.
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Via: Daily Mail

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