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Advertising has become one of the most vital parts of the modern market, as it helps promote any service or product. If business is a vehicle, then advertising is a fuel and a vehicle cannot run without fuel. It is a life of a business, which provides stability to the business. Advertising is used to convey the message of a particular brand directly to consumers through various media. We can do marketing through radio, television broadcast, newspapers, magazine space and online advertisement. Advertising is a best way to launch a new product and service in the market. It is useful, if done using proper media, at the right place, within a specific time.

This will help increase the sales by attracting more customers. Advertising helps in announcing an upcoming event of a particular brand or company. It is comparatively least expensive method to promote a brand or product. It also involves digital advertising, which uses internet to express the motive of the company to its customers. Social media networking, including E-mails and search engine marketing, recognized as the most effective medium of marketing because of its global visibility, is the major element of online advertising.

6 Examples of Bad Social Media Campaign, tips on Instagram stories

Social media campaigns have become a must, with almost one third of world population present on some platform or other.…

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Most controversial ads in the world

Controversy is a word that is increasingly losing its pejorative tone. Controversy is often used to sell Books, movies, products…and…

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9 Inspiring Advertisement Of Eco-friendly Product

Companies have always tried to capture the imaginations of their customers by producing ingenious pieces of advertisement. They mostly try…

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Axe shower gel: Any excuse to get dirty

Axe has recently launched this print advertisement campaign based on its 'get dirty' series to promote its shower gel. The…

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WWF: Fashion claims more victims than you think

This is a remarkably hard-hitting print advertisement launched by World Wildlife Fund last year and was held winner at the…

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Oogmerk Opticians: Get the respect you deserve

This is an interesting print advertisement campaign launched by Oogmerk Opticians in Belgium. The campaign aims at conveying how wearing…

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The back seat is no safer, belt up

This is an interesting billboard advertisement launched in public interest in Australia. Apparently the advertisement aims at encouraging youths to…

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Asia Injury Prevention Foundation: I don’t wear a helmet, it makes me look stupid

Asia Injury Prevention Foundation has recently launched a hard hitting and thought provoking integrated helmet wearing advertisement campaign. The non-profit…

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Oldtimer Restaurants: All you can eat rest stop

This ambient advertisement campaign was launched by Oldtimer restaurants, a leading Austrian chain of motorway rest stops. The campaign aims…

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How and when to offer discount on your product

Discounts are now such a regular thing that people do not want to buy things at full price any more,…

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