A business is a tough thing to run perfectly without the right start. Setting up a domain name is definitely one of the first identities for your business and thus it is important that you get it right. There are many prevailing misconceptions in the market. Some think it is just about the address for the website where as in reality it is a lot more. It is one of the most important identities with which your business is associated and thus it is also very important to get perfectly right. In this article we bring to a list of such ideas for you to pick the ideal domain name which will not only be a apt title but also be of perfect length.

Some great ideas to pick a domain name

  1. Make sure that it is brandable:
    choose perfect domain name
    This is one of the most important characteristics of being a successful domain name. The name should be relatable with the brand and be closely linked without having unnecessarily full of symbols and numbers. A great example in this regard is the name Pepsi.com which did away with any unnecessary addition to the domain name to avoid any confusion.
  2. It has to be pronounceable: It is true that not many people are going to say your domain name out loud. But at the same time, there may be a necessity to point it out to someone over the phone. In such cases, if your domain name is hardly pronounceable you would be missing out on some precious promotion. So make sure that the domain name you choose is not too hard to pronounce and can be managed by the average human being.
  3. Focus on the length:
    Focus on the length
    The length of the domain name that you pick has to be something that you get right. Any mistakes and you would actually suffer losses in your business later. The ideal length of such a domain name has to be neither too long nor too short. In fact, it important to strike the right balance as the name also has to make perfect sense. So try to not chop off parts of a word that is integral to your business just to shorten the name. If you are sure that your brand or product will only be referred by the initials, only then should you go for the acronyms.
  4. Try to get .com: There are truly plenty of options for your domain name. People literally use everything from .in, .co, .org etc. But do remember that even in such times the most popular continues to be .com with almost three fourths of the users opting for it. You too should try to get .com in your domain name. There however is a chance that you will not get it and only if you really don’t should you go for another option. This will be important in providing a big starting boost to the company.
  5. Do not violate trademarks:
    choose perfect domain name
    One of the last things you would want at such early stages of your business is a lawsuit on you. Then you will not only have to give up the domain name but may also have to cough up a large sum of money. So before you lock onto a domain name for your company, do make sure that no US trademarks are violated there. Also remember to your make your domain name something interesting but not confusing as you do not want people to easily mix it up with other problems.
  6. Give the user a fair idea: If we take the perfect example of ‘Pasta perfected.com’, it is clear that the purpose of the domain is to give the best possible idea about the business to the audience. These popular examples only stand testimony to the fact that the domain name has to be suitable. People who view it should be able to tell what your business is all about and that is sure to benefit you as a businessmen.
  7. The keywords have to be sensible:
    The keywords have to be sensible
    If you give the customer a feel that it could possibly be an online fraud they would never associate themselves with your business. So be very careful while attempting to set up your domain on a budget. The most generic of the keywords and phrases are to be avoided at all costs. The benefits were indeed there initially but right now it is of no good whatsoever.
  8. Modify when necessary: You have evidently put in a lot of your efforts in deciding the domain name for your company. It is thus important that it is absolutely perfect. In order to do so do not hesitate to modify the domain name when you feel the need for that. You can always add certain extensions which do not tamper with the name of the domain name or the details of the company visible through the name. So make your own domain name and if something bothers you get on with modifying it till you feel it is perfect.
  9. Make it memorable:
    Make it memorable
    It is a domain name for your company and surely you want it to spread well and even circulate among a large number of people. For this to happen, it is of utmost importance that the name you select is easily memorable. Then people are going to memorize the same and the business will flourish with a world of people who talk about your company. Try these small tips to lay out the foundation that will later help your business to blossom into a successful one.

Final words

There are not too many ideas to get your business off to a flier on a budget. So these tips that you learnt about will come in very handy. Use these ideas as many of them are out of popular examples that have proven to be a success. We wish you all the best in your attempts at getting the best possible domain name for your beloved company.

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