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7 Most innovative minimal print commercials

Print advertisements designed by creative minds can project a strong meaning with just a few words and graphics. The designers often choose bold colors and eye-catching imagery to get views, but it is not always a requirement. It is also possible for designers to express a complex idea in a simplified way to convey the brand, product or message. The following is a list of simple print ads whose illustrations deliver the message perfectly by clever manipulation of objects in the print ad. It is impressive what a designer is capable of by simply employing minimalistic design. They are far easier to comprehend than print ads obscured by excessive things.


1. MTV Networks: Black Ribbon Michael Jackson

In tribute of the late King of Pop, MTV Germany created this ad that emphasized the sadness at his passing with appreciation for his signature style. The black ribbon is the recognized symbol for mourning. Adding a pair of his favorite shoes to the simple ribbon resembles Michael Jackson in his admired dance pose that millions associate with him. It was a truly fitting remembrance for one of history’s best pop icons.

2. Pilot water resistant markers: Goldfish

Many companies advertise water resistant markers but only few can do it in a manner that people can actually believe it. Two bright goldfish in a bowl is not very attention-grabbing, but perceiving them as the only goldfish in the world with their names scrawled on their body, it definitely forces people to take notice of the ad and the promises of the company. There is nothing else needed in the ad to set the message across as the imagery is forceful enough.

3. Little brick for the bioenergynutrition website

‘Now that you’ve grown up, it’s time to get BIG’ is the tagline. At first glance, viewers think they are looking at a lego block but on closer inspection we see four cans of bioenergy drink. It perfectly communicates the interest of youth juxtaposed with the preference of mature adults. The ad was aimed towards encouraging drinkers to choose this energy drink as it was good for adults and was a step in the direction to leave childish ideas behind.

4. Bic: Eiffel Tower

The company wanted to show that their pen was capable of writing up to 2kms. Instead of a usual plain, boring ad we get one that stands out with its ingenuity. Six detailed Eiffel towers stacked on top of each other is linked to the amount of ink stored in the pen’s cartridge or the life span of the ballpoint pen.

‘Writes 2 kms. Bic’ is the tagline and highlights the selling point of the pen with a simple idea. The blue color of the pen across the ad is a wonderful way to have viewers think only about the brand Bic.

5. Steggles Chicken: Egg

Due to the stories of untold animal cruelty in the food industry, people believed that animal killing was rampant in the country. With the tagline scribbled in big bold letters on the egg, the message of animal friendly rearing activities is clearly understood. The ad was run nationally to clear misconceptions that Australians had about farming operations in their country.

6. Heineken: Social networking since 1873

The beer brand Heineken capitalized on the association of beer and socializing, in its print ad. Beer is often the main drink for casual get-togethers in bars or at homes. Therefore, it can be considered as a conduit for social networking. The ad does display the product but underscores the customer experience that the brand provides. Interaction with friends and family over a beer is compared to the kind of communication the popular social networking sites Facebook and MySpace afford, creating the fun, community relevant image of the brand.

7. Citroën C-Zero: 100% electric

The ad is advertising the new electric car and does so by using a common everyday device, the plug. Shaped to resemble the rear view of the car, viewers can easily perceive that the focus of the ad is to show that the ability of the car is that it can run on electricity. Unlike other ads where a flashy sleek car has to be featured to make an impact, the New Citroen C-Zero is given the chance to capture public attention without the display of an actual car. Moreover, its power efficiency to utilize 100% electric power while running across roads is made well-known.

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