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7 Magazine commercials that created an impact



Advertisements are equivalent to vocal pictures and when depicted properly, they can have a mammoth impact on the minds of their targeted audience. Motion pictures are still an easier way to do the needful. Print ads however, need a lot of brain whacking and an immense grasp on the sentiment deviations of the target audience to create the desired results. Described below, are seven such print ads, especially clutching on to the category of magazine specialties, that made a real impact on brand presence and succeeded in notching a grave mark on millions of minds.

1. The Sticky Ad

There are many women around the world, who could discover a better life, but for the deficiency of a sperm to fertilize them to motherhood. The gluey ad conveys this message in a hefty way. It is the work of Jamshop Advertising Agency based in Adelaide, Australia. The ad aims to attract sperm donors for Repromed, Australia’s leading fertility clinic. It appeared in men’s FHM Magazine wherein the two pages were glued together. When separated, the page reveals a sexy model in lingerie with a message stating ‘Don’t Waste Your Sperm’.

2. The Solar Powered Ad

We all understand the importance of switching on to solar energy. Many agencies worldwide have made an attempt to convey the usefulness of solar energy. This one, however, does it in a different way. This print ad stands apart from the crowd in the fact that, it is solar powered in itself. The paper featuring the advert, shifts from a bare black and white display of flowers to a colored version of the same, when exposed to sunlight. The message underlying, is that solar power can bring pious colors back to an otherwise polluted nature.

3. Olay Body Wash

This magazine ad for Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash appeared in Glamour Magazine in October 2009. It has been proved that as much as 75% of the readers of the October issue went ahead and purchased the product. The advertisement effectively gets its message across the targeted audience by depicting that customers get value for their money by purchasing Olay Body Wash, as the product has more moisturizing property and uses less water. The ad cleverly sidelines other body wash products by stating that users do not get true value from such products as these contain more water than moisturizer.

4. Secret Sheer Minerals Deodorant

Most deodorants have a standing heavy effect on the skin, giving birth to hesitation to expose boldly. This ad negates this fact, stating that the said product would feel light on the skin and would not leave back a hanging effect after its application. The impact was such that 78% of viewership turned into successful sales. The ad depicts a sleek woman in a beautiful attire. The verbal message is then given below.

5. UNICEF every child needs a family

This heart touching advert had been created for UNICEF in 2006 as an awareness campaign against issues that leave many children to live as orphans throughout the world. The ad had depicted beautifully as to how every child longs for parent who can look after them. It shows a child holding the hands of two mannequins, a male and a female, showing that in the heart of hearts, he longs for a couple to take care of himself . it is a specifically very emotional advert, that is sure to rip through the hearts of people who go through it.

6. Greenpeace Tree Ad

The creative work of LINKSUS, Beijing, China, this ad aims to spread awareness about deforestation. The organization believes that as much as 70% of the world’s forest resources are in danger due to industrial logging, one of the primary causes of deforestation. The print ad seeks to encourage Chinese people not to waste paper. The ad fruitfully displays a section of a trimmed stem at the bottom of the page on an otherwise white paper. The message is crisply penned down later on. It states that, with every page that we turn, we contribute to the encroaching global problem of deforestation. It is a very appropriate way to convey the message and the advert makes sure that the message gets through in the proper manner in the minds of its audience.

7. Garmastan Nipple Cream Ad

It’s quite a disturbing ad but is high on impact. Created by MILK (Vilnius) Agency in Lithuania, the ad appears in a maternity magazine wherein two pages are glued together. Once the pages are opened, a mother is shown with a torn nipple while breastfeeding her baby. The ad reveals that breastfeeding can often hurt women. However, with Garmastan cream the problem can be easily overcome.

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