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Easy ways to make the most of Pinterest to market your business

Over the past few years, Pinterest has been gradually gaining popularity as one of the best online social media marketing websites for professional and personal businesses alike. With its unique features that enable users to pin and re-pin just about anything from pictures, blogs and videos to online products on personal boards called ‘pinboards’, the service has become a major backup for companies wishing to interact with customers and do business online.

There are several ways in which you can utilize Pinterest to market your online business. And here are some of the more useful tips for newbies.

Take your time to get familiar with the service

Don’t expect to learn the nuances of any social media network in a day! You need to take some time, and put in some extra effort to learn about the workings of Pinterest, and how you can utilize the same to boost your business. So rather than setting up a profile as soon as possible and then leaving it incomplete or filling it up with nonsense, take your time to do some homework  and research about creative ways to design your Pinterest profile. Keep the board updated with stuff that is relevant to your business alone. And make sure you build relationships with users who are popular for their pins. This way, anyone who visits their pinboard is sure to see your link and visit your pinboard (and website) as well.

Simplicity Works

Rather than cluttering your pinboard with all kinds of designs and posts, opt for a simple layout with a few simple but meaningful images that would make your pinboard look elegant and professional. Make sure whatever few images you put up on your pinboard has a link that directs the users back to your website. This would most definitely increase your website traffic by at least 50 percent.

Follow Popular Users and Celebrities

Just like following a Pinterest user known for his/her pins, you can boost your online business prospective by following popular celebrities. It’s just like following a leader wherein you follow them and make sure they follow you back as well. Once that is done, other users who follow these celebrities would automatically get a message about the latter following you. And that would automatically increase traffic to your pinboard and website.

Combine with Other Social Media Networks

Your business would improve manifold if you choose to integrate different social media networks along with your Pinterest profile. Accordingly, you can create links to your Pinterest pinboard on profiles created on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, which millions use every day. Doing so would increase the online awareness about your pinboard and the business you want to promote.

Connect Online Presence and Physical Presence

Your Pinterestt pinboard should be appropriately connected with your business’s physical profile as well. For instance, the office you operate from can run promotions and online ads on Pinterest and other social media networks. And in addition to inserting your website links on your pinboard, you can insert pinterest buttons pointing back to your pinboard on your business’s official website. This would definitely increase the traffic to your website, and boost your business in the long run.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team

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