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5 Tips for Virgo Personalities to Connect Better With Coaching Clients

Connect Better With Coaching Clients

Virgo personalities are reliable go-getters, but their tendency to run circles around others can be overwhelming. For Virgos running a coaching business, their “make it happen” approach to life can create a barrier to developing a necessary rapport with clients.

Rapport is a necessary ingredient in a strong client relationship, but it’s hard to build rapport with clients who feel overwhelmed. Strong communication skills help build rapport, but that’s not enough.

Here are five tips to connect better with clients who are easily overwhelmed:

1. Be mindful about how you share solutions to a client’s problem

solutions to a client’s problemYou know how to solve tough problems and often come up with the best solutions. That doesn’t mean others will automatically be open to those solutions.

Most people need to be involved in the process of discovering solutions to their problems. You can’t just tell a client how to fix something, especially when they’ve invested time and energy into figuring it out. When a person has struggled with a problem for a long time, giving them a simple solution makes them feel like they’ve struggled in vain. It invalidates their struggle, and can make your client feel like they’ve wasted months or years of their life.

The best way to help a client solve a problem is to involve your client in the process of discovering the solution. Start by exploring every aspect of the problem in conversation, and gently ask questions that point them toward your solution. When you get good at this, your clients will reach the conclusion on their own, and they’ll respect you for helping them figure it out. They’ll also be more likely to implement the solution when they’ve participated in its discovery.

2. Be aware of your blind spots and challenges

It’s not uncommon for Virgo personalities to be unaware of their challenges. For example, Virgos are known for getting frustrated by incompetence. The challenge is retraining yourself to see incompetence differently. You wouldn’t expect a fish to be good at climbing trees, so you can’t expect your clients to be good at everything you’re trying to teach them how to do.

What challenges do Virgos face most often? You can devise a list from all different sources. One source is to check out your Virgo horoscope today and see what astrologers have forecasted for your horizon. Take note of the main themes for the day, and notice when you bump up against a related challenge.

Make a list of all the areas you know to be your blind spots or challenges when working with your clients. The list will be different for everyone, but will probably carry a similar theme. If you haven’t done work that trains you to uncover your blind spots, ask a family member or friend. They’ll probably be willing to give you plenty of feedback.

3. Slow down to meet the pace of each client

benefit from your servicesClients observing your fast pace might feel pressure to match that pace. This puts them under tremendous pressure which inhibits their ability to think clearly. By slowing down to meet a client’s pace, you’re creating a supportive environment for them to benefit from your services.

4. Don’t push clients to attain your level of perfectionism

You’re a bit of a perfectionist, but appreciate the fact that not all of your clients do well when pushed to that same level of perfection. For some people, what’s good for you is also good for them, and it doesn’t diminish the quality of their results. For example, you might have the most organized filing system in the world, with detailed naming conventions and a strategic filing procedure. That kind of system will be a turn-off to some.

It doesn’t always make sense to have a client redesign their executive systems from the ground up. Sometimes, all you need to do is help them clean up their existing systems.

5. Let clients make their own mistakes


You can see a train wreck coming a mile away. Your clients probably can’t. Sometimes it’s wise to give warning, but other times you need to let your clients make their own mistakes. If you’ve already given advice to a client and they choose to ignore it, allow them to make the mistake. They’ll learn more by experience.

Dance with your clients

Your clients hire you to be their coach, not a dictator of solutions. Building rapport with your clients is a dance. You’re leading, but always remember that it’s a dance.

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