3 fixed fee law services that could help your business prosper

It is no secret that running your own business takes a great deal of effort as it can be quite challenging. Owning your own business entails that you hire qualified and trustworthy people, offer products or services that consumers desire, and stay relevant in a time full of competition. It can sometimes feel like an uphill battle when you are trying to run your business, manage employees, and keep your customers satisfied.

One of the ways to alleviate some work from your overflowing plate is to outsource some of the tasks that take up the most time and cause you to stray from working on your business strategic plan. Law firms such as Ellis Whittam specialise in fixed fee services and have an outstanding track record for being the perfect partner and advocate for their clients. This article will highlight some of fixed fee law services that are available to help you with advancing your business.

  1. Fixed fee Human Resources support

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What is unique about fixed fee services is that no matter how big your company grows, your fee remains the same. This can be quite a relief especially if you expect your business to grow quickly in a short period of time. This also means that you can call and email any time you have a question about HR services. Some businesses are choosing to hire fixed fee legal support to manage their HR processes instead of hiring an in house HR staff.

  1. Employment law and HR training

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Fixed fee law firms such as Ellis Whittam offer online tutorials and videos on the latest HR trends and training that is needed for your staff to be successful in their jobs. Sometimes the federal government requires that your employees take mandatory trainings, such as sexual harassment training. An employment law firm can manage the training services and ensure that all of your employees complete the federal regulated mandated trainings on an annual basis.

  1. Fixed fee recruitment

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Fixed fee services are outstanding as they require that you pay one flat rate regardless of how much or how little you utilize the services. Most fixed fee services are offered on a sliding scale depending on the salary of the position in which you are recruiting. Look for a firm that will charge you a fixed fee based on the job they will be doing, not the salary.

A fixed fee recruitment law firm will help you with all of the logistics of running a job search. For example, if you have a job opening, the firm will write the job description, post the job, and conduct interviews until a qualified and reputable candidate who can do the job is found.

There are many great benefits to hiring a fixed fee law service for your business. After all, the idea of having a fixed fee regardless of your company size and needs is a great way to save money.

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