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11 Free Marketing Tools for the Savvy Marketer

Free Marketing Tools

A digital marketer uses many tools to market their campaigns via email, content, social media and much more. Most of these require a budget that sometimes does not justify ROI? But there some great free marketing tools which might give a digital marketer which are just as effective as paid tools. You can build your marketing stack at no cost at all, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner just starting out. Here’s a list of 11 free marketing tools which allows for some savvy digital marketing:


Hotjar allows you to see how your audience is reading your article – how far down the page do they scroll, at which point do they click etc which allows you to design stylized content based on this research. 

Open Site Explorer

You can use this to check stats such as incoming links, page authority, recent links and to check which pages on your blog/site gets the most links. You can check out how your competition is doing as well. 


Charlie is a free CRM tool which prepares you to meet new people as it gives all the details of a person, from his/ her interests, biography, big news, social media etc by checking your schedule or by running the email address.


This is the tool to see instantly how well your content is doing across the web. For siteswhich do not display the share buttons for social media and you’re curious about the number of likes and shares, you can satisfy your curiosity by pasting the web address in SharedCount and in order to check multiple addresses simultaneously use the multi-URL option. 

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free tool which is very effective to build content strategy. It can be used to determine the questions and topics generated around the primary keywords you want to rank for. Then, by answering as many questions as you can with your content, you can rank higher with Google when it’s searching for websites having the most / best information on a topic. You could also convert visitor as your content would answer their important questions.

Moz Local

Every digital marketer wants to have a high rank in the search engine pages, especially small business owners doing business locally. To do this, the name, address, phone number must be consistent across Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages and so on. Moz Local is a free tool for you to audit this information and fix by yourself.

Pablo – Buffer

This free tool from Buffer gives you access to more than 600,000 free images plus the necessary tools to be a social media image pro. You have the option of uploading your own images too. You can transform any image by changing sizes, overlaying text, selecting filters, adding logos which you can then share or download. Another free design tool is CANVA which works well for bigger images and files.

Title generator – Portent

Its favorite tool of content writers as it helps to generate interesting and shareable ideas for content. This tool gets rid of the dreaded writer’s block as it gets your creative juices flowing. Titles can range from serious to hilarious.


Keyword.io gives you access to keyword ideas from Fiverr, Google, etc so that you’re able to understand which keywords can be targeted and what topics can be created for original content. At the paid level, you can access things like search volume and keywordcompetitiveness. 


Medium is a site which can be used to start a blog and the advantage is that you have an in-built audience from the beginning with networking tools to spread their content. They also have a newsletter (email) through which you can contact and share your articles with people who have been following you. 

Google Analytics

To track the traffic to your website and all related data, Google Analytics fulfills all your requirements. You can easily see the traffic from different networks, check the reading time, and also the real time stats by clicking Real-Time Overview. This free tool from Google lets you know your target audience demography letting you style your content accordingly.

You can be a savvy marketer and build a marketing stack comprising of free marketing tools which you can use to analyze, design and promote your marketing strategy online successfully.

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