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10 Tips to run your ad campaign effectively

To launch your own advertising campaign is not an easy job. Doing it all by oneself is a hard task. You have to really put extra efforts. But there are certain ground rules to be followed to start an ad campaign and then to make it run effectively.


1. Conduct a market research

First and the foremost thing is a thorough research of the market as to where can you find your customers. Then find where the competitors are advertising. The main aim should be to reach the correct crowd of people who are most likely to respond to your offer.

2. Make a marketing plan

For making a marketing difference you have to be different and decide how much advertising you run into everyday. There are various means to advertise like TV, radio, magazines, online etc. Actually it is all about standing out. There are a few things you need to be aware of when you plan your ad campaign like:

Who are the customers?

What is the best way to inform your customers?

What do the customers want?

How can you present your product in an attractive manner?

You have to be sure about the sex and age of the targeting audience.

3. Create a plan of action

It gives you important information as to how to execute your ad strategy. It relates to step by step application of the things planned.

4. Plan budget for your advertising

A lot depends upon the money you put in your ad. Supposing you have a limited money, then you should definitely not plan to spend all or maximum amount of it on a commercial which is telecasted during late night or a hoarding in the slum area. The budget helps you decide what to create and where to place ads so that they reach the maximum number of people.

5. Hunt for opportunities that can be afforded

This means that you are the media director. You have to find out best ad placements and opportunities which fit your budget.

6. Being aware of your target audience

One can only advertise to the best of one’s capability if one is aware of the age, sex, profession, income group, education level, social strata of their audience. Your ad should directly hit the people you are aiming.

7. Choosing the correct ad medium

The mediums are various like brouchers, catalogs, newsletters, TV, radio, online, flyers etc. Selecting one or two of these is directly dependent on the type of audience or consumers you aim for. Look at your marketing plan and then decide.

8. Be consistent

Any kind of print ads or TV commercials should always use the same music, announcer or tag line. The consistency here is of great importance as people after sometime start identifying the product through these lines, music or the voice of your jockey. The print ads should use the same colors or fonts or the style for the permanent effect on the minds of their customers. This will help them establish a relation with your company and its product that is everlasting.

9. Frequency

Floating your ad once on air or TV does not help. There should be repetitions after a set interval for it to gain prominence and come into the eyes of the customers or be heard by a majority of them. The ad requires followups. Decide this interval beforehand for your ad to leave an impact on the minds of your customers.

10. Creative presentation

It is the ability of the ad to sell itself. This is very important as it helps in selling the product without the product being physically present in front of the customers eye.

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