Our opinions and views matter a lot and so do the opinions and views of others. Human beings tend to form views and opinions about just anything and everything. The opinions that we form can influence someone else’s thinking to a great extent, and if the opinions and views belong to a reliable person or a credulous source then the magnitude of influence amplifies. Nowadays, the influence of social media has increased so much that every person prefers to consider the views and opinions of other people before doing anything in their respective lives.


Suppose a person is on a lookout for a new Smartphone, he will never go straightaway to the shop and buy one. First of all he would consult his friends and ask them about their views on the cell phone, and then he would search the web for reviews and then finally take a decision of buying that Smartphone. Likewise, when a person starts planning for a vacation, he would never choose a place about which he has not heard some positive reviews, after an intensive research on places and people’s feedback on them, finally one decides a place. Similarly, there are multifarious things about which one prefers to take into consideration the views and opinions of others to be on a safer side.

In today’s ever changing scenarios, the outlook and calling for Black Hills South Dakota has also changed immensely.  It no longer remains as the isolated mountain range rather it has more likely become an attraction to those who ponder for adventure, excitement and a sheer adrenaline rush. Black Hills of South Dakota has evolved as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in and around the globe. Although the geology of the place is a complex one, its volcanic activity front that goes into the wild blue waters and Elysian Pine clad conversions, calls out for the people with a thing for nature, for it indeed offers something at best for everyone. Read more

The booming business sector of Asia is creating opportunities for many Asian countries to stat their business. Countries like Singapore have caught the attention of businesspersons to be their ideal place for investment and their new startups. Like other Asian countries, Singapore is still on its way to make the country as a hub for tech startups.

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India has come a long way in terms of telecom service development. Nowadays, telecom services are majorly used for the purposes like advertising, marketing, and direct sales in order to reach out to the prospective customers. The commercial organizations track customers and convey their information to them through calls and messages, which they send on the customer’s mobile. The phenomenon of calling customers and informing them about the services and products is called telemarketing, which is too famous these days.

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Planning a wedding is undoubtedly fun and exciting. From the major details like dresses and venues, to all those small, personal touches, planning your big day can be one of the most meaningful undertakings of your adult life. However, as exciting as wedding planning can be, it can also be extremely stressful.

To avoid a full-on meltdown, use the following tips to plan, relax and savor every minute of your engagement and wedding.

Start Planning ASAP

While there’s a lot to be said for basking in that newly-engaged glow, getting a jump on wedding planning can save you tons of stress and frustration when it comes time to say “I do.” For example, tips like the following can help kick-start your wedding planning, sooner rather than later:


  • Guest lists. You’ll probably make adjustments to your guest list up until the final hour, but getting an early estimate on attendees will help in planning details like venue, accommodations, menu and more.
  • Bridal expos. Shows and expositions can provide much-needed inspiration and motivation during those early days of planning. Find an expo in a location near you, and get ideas on everything from hairstyles and gowns, to wedding favors and photography.
  •  Online inspiration. Sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are great for storing all your ideas in one place. Plus, sites like Wedding Wire offer online planning tools, completely free of charge!
  •  Venues. Popular venues can book up for months in advance, so get busy on choosing your dream wedding location. It’s also a good idea to book hotel accommodations as early as possible.
  •  Crafts. Want to add handmade touches to your wedding ceremony or reception? Get started now. Crafting can take a lot of time and patience, so get to work before your time is consumed with other wedding details.

Enlist Help

One of the great things about planning a wedding is that it promotes quality time with your loved ones. Your wedding party is there to help you along the way, so enlist their help whenever necessary. Plus, your parents, family members and future in-laws would most likely be thrilled at helping plan your big day, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it.

Entrust loved ones with tasks like sending out invitations, picking up wedding favors, decorating your venue and reception area, and other chores that don’t require your immediate presence. Just be sure to remember those who helped you, and thank them properly with a special gift and a handwritten note.


Connect with Your Fiance 

With all the time and energy that goes into planning a wedding, it’s no wonder that romance often takes a backseat to stress and frustration. Avoid this by making an effort to really connect with your fiance as often as possible. One great idea is to declare at least one day a week “wedding free.” This means no wedding planning, no wedding discussions, absolutely no wedding talk, whatsoever. Instead, use that time to unwind, de-stress and, basically, just enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Even the most well-planned events are bound to hit a snag or two. Be prepared for this possibility, and try to have backup plans at the ready. Most of all, though, remember to relax, focus on the positive, and enjoy every moment of this special day.




Times change and so do the things persisting in those times. Here, we are referring to the press release. There was a time when press release used to rule the roost as an SEO tool. As an SEO tool, press releases worked so well that it became the most used SEO tool. It gained so much of popularity in digital marketing that the word PR began to be used in place of SEO. However, as change is the universal truth, it affected the PR SEO reputation as well. Now, the press release SEO glory days have gone, as press release is no longer considered as an effective SEO tool. However, before delving deep into the reasons behind this situation of press release SEO, let us have a look at the glorious past of the press release SEO.

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All over the world, especially amongst the youth, there is a big hue and cry related to their work culture these days. They believe it is better to work smarter and save your time rather than working harder that demands much of your patience, perseverance and of course time.

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Body language of a person is one of the greatest ways for him to be successful and admired by all. Your body language is extremely important at your work place since it helps you to be better productive, motivated and inspirational. It also helps you to be more interactive with your colleagues and to impress them. Here are five of the greatest body language mistakes than can risk your promotion. Read more

Of course, you will receive plenty of training in business schools and institutions when it comes to building and managing a startup. However, some of the most valuable startup lessons are often learnt on the field rather than in a classroom. Following are some of the more important lessons you will not be able to learn in any business school/institution. Read more

At some point of time or other, we all forget important work and get distracted while working. These issues regularly bother some professionals. Forgetting important work and not being able to focus on tasks at hand can decrease your productivity level. A graduate student Bluma Zeigarnik observed in the 1920s that the waiters are exceptionally good at remembering the orders of multiple clients but after serving they forget what who had ordered. Read more

Wikipedia tends to top the list of most trusted and most visited websites. However, this reputation of Wikipedia is under threat owing to a revelation that came as a result of a study. To go by the results of the study, it warns people by saying – “Don’t use Wikipedia for medical advice.” This warning holds good reason considering the study traced factual errors in nine out of ten articles on the most common medical conditions. Read more

Every entrepreneur starts his or her business with a vision. Turning this vision into reality is their toughest challenge. Not all are capable of doing this and only a few handfuls emerge victorious in the startup rat race. Competition has increased and in many industries, market has not expanded accordingly. To capture the hearts of your target audience you must employ some clever strategies. Read more

An old proverb says necessity is the mother of invention. Without the urgent need for a solution to an impending problem, good ideas cannot originate. Most brilliant ideas have given birth to the solution of major problems and made our lives easier. Brilliant ideas do not originate whenever we want or need them. There is no fixed time during which brilliant ideas are born. They can occur to you unnoticed at first in the form of a mere hunch. The hunch may remain inside your mind for several years before it develops into a brilliant idea. An idea has to be acted upon or worked upon so that it can turn into an equally brilliant invention. The origin of good ideas has always been a favorite topic of research for the scientists. They have tried different methods to find out how and when good ideas are born. They have also traced the course of ideas from their origination till their implementation. Read more

India is going to witness a historical moment as  a person who consider parliament as temple of democracy is going to take an oath in a day. On this occasion I bring you some moments from social media.

इसी ‘नीच राजनीति’ की ऊँचाई भारत माँ को एक समृद्ध और शक्तिशाली राष्ट्र के रूप में विश्व में स्थान दिलाने की ताकत रखती है, this quote refers to so called “low level politics” could change and height of it can make India a prosperous and powerful country in the world.



What makes him a great leader, here is tweet from Sudhanshu Mittal ‏@SudhanshuBJP “In case u missed it, @narendramodi donated his salary of 13 yrs as CM for education of girl child, truly blessed to have him as our leader. Also, ‏@narendramodi ads his vision to this donation stating “this small contribution will be a part of a corpus fund that will hopefully grow in future & empower our daughters”. This effort is in continuation to his statement that he made just after winning election  “this Govt. is dedicated to the poor of India, to the youth of India & to the women of India”. We all know about his willingness to contribute and willingness to make positive change.

Dr Parag @ParagDr shares a picture and tweets “every year, Narendra Modi donates gifts which he gets from his well wishers, to the Government treasury.”




Narendra modil loves social media, and social media followers are returning back the love. according to ET Modi’s Twitter handle @narendramodi has 4,240,643 followers, with a weekly growth of 6.77 per cent, monthly increase of 12.22 per cent and quarterly growth of 24.26 per cent. 

On governance front he has already started taking political and diplomatic steps he said in tweets “President Karzai & I talked about Consulate attack in Herat. He assured me he will do everything to protect India‘s Missions in Afghanistan.India salutes the efforts of India‘s security personnel & Afghan security forces for their valiant efforts to fight the terrorists in Herat.” 

On Economic growth front many social leaders and public figures are looking at Narendra Modi, renowned film director Shekhar Kapoor  tweets  “30 years ago, India‘s GDP was same as China’s. Today its less than 1/3rd of China’s. Yes, we need a new direction definitely. 



Pic: Forbes

Industry experts have already started predicting GDP growth. Morgan Stanley raises forecasts, says GDP will expand at a four-year high of 6.5% in the year through March 2016. CII tweets that  – build up the investment to GDP ratio and increase efficiency of investments.  A tweet from Sushtend @sushtend  suggest that the new govt should focus on where nearly 60% of population earns livelihood & contributes just 13-14% to GDP.  But the road ahead is not easy as  suggest selling hope, selling optimism, selling faith in governance… A magic very well pulled off by  but GDP 2015 is his acid test.

Compiled by Dr Prem @drpremj


Director: Vikas Bahl

Star Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao, Lisa Haydon

Rating:  Four and a half out of five

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Most people hesitate to travel due to the fear of overstepping their budget, as they think that traveling on a tight budget is a rigorous task. The truth is that if you have a strong will to see the world and can change your perspective a little, you can travel even on the tightest budget without any problem. The idea is to make every dollar you spend count. You need not to travel in luxury yachts or business class flights and stay at five star hotels to have a great and enjoyable trip. Be open to learning new things and find out cost effective options for saving money on food and lodging. Remember that the three essential things for traveling are transportation, food and accommodation. In this article you will find some very useful tips on saving money on your next trip.

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It is a known fact that Google makes most of its money from advertisements, with one of the major contributors being the AdSense platform that allows online content owners to develop and manage their Google ads and revenue, and monitor performance as well. It was surprising that Google never came up with an application that would help users run the AdSense program on their android phones. 

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Life deals you different cards in different situations. No amount of planning can also make you prepared for what life has in store for you. There are prone to be unforeseen circumstances that would push you into unplanned territories and force you to take certain decisions. These decisions may create a negative impact on your mind as well, with this negativity threatening to follow you wherever you go in life.

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