Our opinions and views matter a lot and so do the opinions and views of others. Human beings tend to form views and opinions about just anything and everything. The opinions that we form can influence someone else’s thinking to a great extent, and if the opinions and views belong to a reliable person or a credulous source then the magnitude of influence amplifies. Nowadays, the influence of social media has increased so much that every person prefers to consider the views and opinions of other people before doing anything in their respective lives.


Suppose a person is on a lookout for a new Smartphone, he will never go straightaway to the shop and buy one. First of all he would consult his friends and ask them about their views on the cell phone, and then he would search the web for reviews and then finally take a decision of buying that Smartphone. Likewise, when a person starts planning for a vacation, he would never choose a place about which he has not heard some positive reviews, after an intensive research on places and people’s feedback on them, finally one decides a place. Similarly, there are multifarious things about which one prefers to take into consideration the views and opinions of others to be on a safer side.

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