Global healthcare is what medical tourism is based on. As you all know, medical tourism refers to the phenomenon wherein patients travel to different countries in order to seek treatment. The global healthcare standards make patients decide and choose the country they want to visit for getting a medical treatment. There are many countries in the world where the medical facilities are still nit advanced, so the natives of such countries prefer flying to such countries where they can get good medical treatments.


Other than a better treatment, cost-effectiveness is another major factor for which patients become medical tourists. Sometimes people belonging to highly developed countries travel to lesser developed countries to seek affordable medical treatments. Yet another factor responsible for medical tourism is the long waiting time. Patients just cannot stand the long waiting times, therefore, they prefer going to some other country where they can get a treatment whenever they want to. Global healthcare is a factor that is closely analyzed by patients while taking a decision regarding their medical tour. In recent years, many countries have improved their healthcare standard so that they could attract maximum medical tourists to their country.

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