Proud to announce that is now powered by google cloud platform, How long will you wait for a website to load and have a glance on its content? Gone are the days when you were waiting for few seconds? Powered by Google Cloud Platform, Dr. Prem’s niche websites now offer faster and better viewing for users.

improved user web interaction

improved user web interaction

User experience has turned out to be a significant term in internet product development. Today’s high-competitiveness in the web world demands improved user web interaction and engagement with user-friendly and convenient features that would influence the users’ perceptions.

Where high loading time and partial information loading make website viewing frustrating, Google cloud empowered Dr Prem’s websites offers a great user experience even at low internet speeds.

Dr Prem Jagyasi being a globally recognized figure owns a number of niche and associated websites that receive millions of viewers every day spending considerable time in website engagement. All of the websites have a very high ranking. Needless to mention, the growing number of visitors is inspiring to create new websites for further value addition to the viewers.

Why Google cloud platform?

Google cloud platform

Google cloud platform

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To have a competitive edge, a growing number of organizations are adopting google cloud services because this is the most cost-effective, secure and flexible solution where any platform or solution could be scaled instantly.

Google Cloud offers un-match server solutions wit notable advantages on

  • Private Global Fiber Network
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines
  • Improved Performance
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Dedication to continued expansion
  • Redundant backups

Emphasizing enhanced user experience:

Google Cloud solutions

Google Cloud solutions

Valuing the engagement and interaction time of users and to take it to a higher level,powering the websites with Google Cloud service platform seemed to be mandatory.  Now any bit of information can be accessed from the knowledge-enriched websites in the least possible time.

A surge of web traffic at specific times of the day hinders proper website viewing. Part of the information gets loaded or images do not come clear which affect the audience attention. Bounce rates shoot up.With the Google cloud services, websites are now highly scalable that have a better ability to handle the surge of web traffic.

The double layer of caching technology, an important feature of the Google Cloud helps in faster loading of websites bypassing a number of complex time-consuming processes. Google Cloud solutions work inautohealing environment using the best of class CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Apart from quick access to information, the users will enjoy viewing the related images and infographics clearly making the best use of their time. The 99.99% website uptime also contributes to better audience experience in website viewing.

The upgraded website also ensures a very high user data security which is a prime concern in the cyberworld. From a business perspective, this is equally important.  Enhanced data security enables handing of thousands of concurrent connections that normally up the business goals.

The objective of Google cloud powered websites is clear and simple – to welcome millions of more readers, give them a satisfying web viewing/reading experience worth spending timeensuring their data security.

Please browse and notice the difference.